On most days of the week, Imperial Oil won’t win much sympathy from Canadians. But even they will get some points for having to put up with a complaint made about them to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Muhammad Taimoor Haseeb, a Pakistani man who came here as an International Student, is claiming that Imperial Oil denied him a job because he was neither a Canadian Citizen nor a Canadian Permanent Resident. In other words, Haseeb is claiming that Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents should have no right to be considered first for any job in Canada. And, he would probably add, a century plus of such first consideration has been completely unjustified and should be abolished.

According to The Toronto Star, the Pakistani man said, ” Treating me as lesser of a human being because I was not born in Canada is upsetting. Telling me that immigrants take up jobs that locals deserve and have the first right to is just as discriminatory,” said Haseeb….

And Haseeb added : “If it were true, Imperial Oil should not give jobs to anyone but the First Nations folks, who are the only ones who possibly meet the criteria.”

If Canadians wanted one of the most ridiculous consequences of equally-ridiculous statements such as “We are all immigrants” and “We have to abolish White Privilege”, this is it. Most important, if Canadians wanted to hear a brazen example of international students or immigrants swallowing such nonsense and spitting hatred back into Canadian faces, this is it.

The logical thing to do would be to ask Haseeb what Pakistanis like him would do if a Canadian were to go to Pakistan and say that Pakistan had no right to give hiring priority to Pakistani citizens. We suspect that Pakistan (as well as all other countries) has such a rule and that if a Canadian were to go there and make such a statement, then that Canadian would be sent packing.

In other words, what value does Citizenship have if citizens, in this case Canadian citizens, are not given hiring priority by Imperial Oil or by all employers in Canada?

Here are a few key points that have to be made :

(1) Haseeb’s comments are extremely insulting, yet ones like them are broadcast daily on our Quisling CBC and other media. The fact that Haseeb is making them shows that he thinks he can get away with making them and that our CBC, large parts of the private media and the gullible section of our public will accept what he says. The point is that such an arrogant and insulting comment should result in Haseeb and the many others like him being immediately sent packing.

(2) Human Rights Commissions have a record of throwing in their lot with complainers like Haseeb. This raises the obvious point that such groups should never have been given the power to hear and rule on such important matters. Allowing the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to hear such a complaint this March in Toronto is like giving our treacherous CBC the right to make such rulings.

(3 ) According to Ottawa, on December 1, 2012, Canada had 265,404 international students. That figure has risen to over 300,000. The previous government said it would increase Canada’s international student intake to about 450,000 by 2022. Canada’s post-secondary institutions have boasted about the economic benefits of international students to Canada. Yet, neither the post-secondary institutions nor governments have ever provided any concrete evidence that international students pay the true costs of their education. In fact, there is authoritative evidence in countries such as the U.S. that even though international students pay higher fees, U.S. citizens continue to substantially subsidize the education of international students.

(4) The International student issue has to be examined much more closely. Canada’s post-secondary institutions, particularly those which are publicly funded, exist for the benefit of Canadians. As in the past, there will continue to be a humanitarian component to allowing some foreign students to come to Canada and then return to their home countries with the enrichment they have received here. But Canada’s International Student programme has been sabotaged. It is now an alternate immigration door into Canada for characters like Haseeb who have no intention of ever returning to their home countries and who have clearly demonstrated a hatred of Canada’s majority population. Canada should be making it clear to them that they are obligated to return to their home countries. The sooner, the better. Canada does not need them.


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