It’s time to end Mainland China’s Colonisation of Canada –Part 2, Sidewinder Report

It’s time to stand up for Canada, and to put an end to the colonisation of Canada by the Communist Chinese


By David Barswell

Since the rush to escape Hong Kong, Communist-friendly politicians of Chinese origin,  supported by Chinese political organizations, have emerged in Canada at the same time that  Canadian politicians have been co-opted, often quite openly. 

Indeed, our major political parties regularly vie with each other for immigrant bloc votes, and our foreign policy is now often determined by “domestic concerns” rather than by sober consideration of Canada’s best interests.

Many of these pliable politicians, both domestic and imported, have worked knowingly or unknowingly in co-ordination with PLA intelligence operatives and others to obtain economic and political favour for China with a succession of Prime Ministers and Premiers, trade organizations, school boards and others.  Both Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper have openly praised China, and endeavoured to expand trade links.

Chinese agents have been successfully inserted into key industries, such as Ontario Hydro, with the intention of stealing nuclear and other technological secrets and handing them over to PLA intelligence operatives. 

In 2000, we were told that “Chinese spies stole Canadian nuclear secrets to build a pirate copy of a research reactor invented at federal laboratories in Chalk River, Ont…. China is (now) marketing its cheap clone around the world” (5). In  2003, it was revealed that well over 3000 Chinese “spy companies” were operating in Canada and the U.S. (6). 

Considerable success has been obtained in having Chinese “exchange students” reap the full benefit of Canada’s advanced educational system before taking their new-found knowledge back to the mainland, together with the insertion of propaganda organizations such as the China Education Association (Canada) (7), and the Confucius Institute network (8). 

There has been some resistance to the latter from primarily Chinese parents. The Toronto District School Board terminated its relationship with the Confucius Institute just last year.

Equally of concern are the Chinese Triads, or organised crime groupings, which are found throughout North America as well as the Far East.  Sidewinder describes them as being particularly active in Vancouver, with involvements in murder, kidnapping, gambling, and loan sharking.

Sidewinder identifies the overseas Chinese diaspora as “a borderless nation, united by ties of family, clan, language and motherland.  It is estimated that there are some 60 million Overseas Chinese who contribute much to the overall strength of their ancestral homeland, providing ready-made linkages and networks (guanxi) for legal and illegal business.”

This combination of economic and political penetration threatens Canadian security and democracy in a number of ways, and the connivance of a succession of administrations in Ottawa has now culminated in our present Immigration Minister recently announcing that while in China two months ago, he lobbied officials to double or even triple the number of Canadian  visa application centres in China in an effort to open more doors for Chinese students, workers and tourists (9).

It should therefore be of little surprise to learn that the Red Chinese flag was recently raised by the “Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations” at Vancouver City Hall with Councillor Kerry Jang officiating, accompanied by Richmond East MP Joe Peschisolido – both wearing red scarves – to mark China’s National Day. (10)

Predictably, when questions were raised about this, Jang responded “It’s rooted in ignorance and racism… To them it doesn’t matter if it’s a Communist government in China, they’re just anti-Chinese” – this, despite the fact that the primary complaints came from Chinese residents of the city.

It’s time to stand up for Canada, and to put an end to the colonisation of Canada by the Communist Chinese.

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