Why Trump Won

Why Trump Won

By Nick Champaini

Donald Trump is president-elect, and the political establishment and the whole world is reeling. I couldn’t be happier. This was one of the great fights to the finish in American political history.

No American has ever been the target of such a sustained campaign of hatred. No presidential candidate ever had so many members of his own party openly support his opponent. No presidential candidate ever had only a handful of newspapers endorse him and most of them reluctantly. No candidate has ever had virtually the entire world’s media treating him like a clown and a fool. And yet, Donald Trump won because ordinary Americans, overwhelmingly Americans of European origin,  proved they are not the obedient zombies our rulers wish they were.

This was a vote for America as a distinct nation with a distinct people who deserve a government devoted to that people.

Donald Trump, a billionaire, was the man who said what ordinary Americans feel.

People voted for Donald Trump for a lot of reasons : they were sick of professional politicians; they resented media elites who treated them like fools; they believed free trade takes jobs away; they believed a businessman could run the economy; they were  sick of stupid foreign wars; and they liked a man who speaks his mind.

But millions of Americans of European origin voted for Donald Trump because of a dawning sense of the importance of the interests of Americans of European origin. They took notice when he pointed out that some of the Mexicans sneaking into the country are criminals. They were thrilled when he talked about building a wall. They were delighted when he said he would send home illegals, keep out  DANGEROUS Muslims,  and end birthright citizenship.

Donald Trump never said that part of America’s basic identity is its historic connection to Europe , but he has made it very clear that certain people don’t belong in America, and that is what our rulers hate most about him. Those rulers, particularly Hilary Clinton,  think everyone belongs in America. In a speech to Brazilian bankers, she said she wants the entire Western hemisphere to be borderless. Borderless! That means letting in anyone from anywhere in North and South America. That means the end of America.

In one of her high-priced speeches to Goldman Sachs, Hillary said that “American” Is not a national identity, but an “intellectual invention.” Well if it’s an intellectual invention, you don’t  even have to live in America to be American. You can sit in your shack in Somalia, believe in the invention, and you’re an American! And here’s what she told Goldman Sachs about people who don’t like third-world immigration : “they just have a backward-looking view of America, and they play on people’s fears, not on people’s hopes, and they have to be rejected, they have to be rejected, they have to be rejected because they are fundamentally un-American. Those of us who believe that Americans are a distinct people have to be rejected.”

Well Hillary, you got rejected! Actual Americans rejected the idea that America is whoever manages to sneak in. They rejected the idea that American COULD become Hispanic, or Asian, or Muslim, or Hindu, or anything at all and still be American. They rejected  the idea that the founding stock of America COULD be switched  and replaced with anyone from anywhere.  Americans of European origin do not want to become a minority in their own country.)

This is the first presidential election in which Americans of European origin  began to vote like everyone else. In other words, THEY VOTED in their own interests.

American rulers take it for granted that Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and OTHERS  have interests that they can push for as hard as they can. After decades of encouraging people of non-European origin  to do that, our rulers were shocked to discover that Americans of European origin have discovered they have interests too. That is Donald Trump’s great achievement : to have been the standard-bearer, even if unconsciously, of the interests of Americans of European origin.

The sleeping giant has been stirring for some time. And Mr. Trump gave it a voice and a reason to act.

Congratulations America!