B.C. Premier Christy Clark who sat back and did virtually nothing as Metro Vancouver house prices soared into the stratosphere is once more demonstrating that she is a Province-Wide “Disgrace”. 

Ironically, she has just proclaimed that a recent flyer circulated in Richmond is a “disgrace”.

So who’s right? Now, dear me, we like to be polite, but if anyone is to be summarily condemned for being a disgrace,  it has to be  Clark. Over and over for several years , she was called on to intervene in Metro Vancouver’s astronomic housing price crisis, but she and her government as well as most other politicians of every party and at every level of government engaged in gross negligence.

They claimed they did not have enough information to act, but experts have shown they had ample information to do something. Instead,  Clark took the advice of the corrupt real estate industry and let the real estate market go into a frenzy. The negligence of her and the rest of the political class has created one of the most expensive housing markets in the world.

True, Clark’s government has introduced a 15% tax but the damage of their gross negligence will endure. This is a grossly unjust financial burden for hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents. And unless a major economic crash occurs, that burden will last far into the future both for renters now facing escalating rents and for home owners who are now saddled with huge mortgages.

Governments which commit such crimes against their own citizens on such a basic need as shelter are not just true “disgraces” . They are criminals and deserve to be treated as criminals.  

It is hard to believe that Clark and all the other politicians had  not heard about the work of UBC Professor David Ley, whose book “Millionaire Migrants” showed that relentless immigration was the major cause of astronomic house prices. Ley revealed that there was an extremely high statistical correlation amounting to cause and effect between immigration and Metros’ high housing prices.

Clark could have used Ley’s research and complained to Ottawa that Canada did not need almost all of  the immigrants it was taking and that a dramatic reduction in immigration was necessary, but she did not.

It is also hard to believe that Clark was not aware of David Ley’s revelations  about a particular kind of immigration :  the Business Immigrant Programme. That programme had resulted in several hundred thousand Business Immigrants and their families coming to Metro Vancouver.

Ley showed that these wealthy people, most of whom were Chinese, did not fulfill their obligation to start businesses here and employ Canadians. In fact, almost all of them and their families made it clear from the beginning that they were in Canada to sit back, plunder and parasitize Canada.

It’s now time for Canada to collect the huge amounts IN BACK TAXES that it is owed by these people or to take measures to remove them.

It is also hard to believe that Clark was unaware of the revelations of   UBC Professor Daniel Hiebert. He stated these people were declaring income at the level of some of the poorest areas in Canada. This meant that they were paying little if any Income Tax and undoubtedly hiding their offshore earnings.

In other words, these big-money off-shore migrants were plundering and parasitizing Canada’s education, health and other Canadian infrastructure. For the sake of grossly negligent Clark, her government and most other politicians, Hiebert prepared a map showing where many of these new arrivals were living. Almost all were residing in the most expensive areas of Metro Vancouver in very expensive houses, some of which could be described as mansions.

Last but far from least, it is hard to believe that Clark and her colleagues have not heard about the investigative work done by journalists such as Douglas Todd, Kathy Tomlinson, Sam Shepherd and others. They have demonstrated that our politicians and Canada’s Gatekeepers (FINTRAC, the CRA and Canada’s Department of Immigration) have allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants as well as offshore speculators to abuse Canada’s tax and immigration system in order to launder dirty money from places like China.

Former Richmond Mayor Greg Halsey-Brandt was the first of only a few politicians to state that Canada was being cheated. The vast majority of politicians have been silent and have done nothing. The cheaters have interpreted politicians’ silence to mean that politicians approve of tax evasion or are afraid of offending the cheaters and fearful of endangering votes from the cheaters.

Here are some big questions for Premier Gross Negligence Clark to answer:

Does she intend to ask the police to investigate UBC Professors David Ley and Daniel Hiebert, and journalists like Douglas Todd, Kathy Tomlinson and Sam Shepherd for hate crimes? That is, for revealing facts that grossly negligent, politically correct politicians like her hate to hear? For their shining light on the foul if not brazenly criminal actions of Wealthy Chinese cheaters? For daring to point to the Asian elephant in the room?

It is time that we forced the cheaters to pay for their tax evasion, overturned their table and cast them and their political enablers in Victoria out of B.C.’s TEMPLE.

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