Immigration Minister McCallum Coming to the Rescue of the Homeless

Immigration Minister McCallum Coming to the Rescue of the Homeless

by Tim Murray

Jim Davis
Vancouverite Jim Davis, displaced by Chine$e colonization, finds peace in diversity

Jim Davis may not be able to afford rent, new shoes, eye glasses or the dental work he sorely needs, but there is always that greasy-spoon Chinese cafe across the street. You know, the one that serves wonton soup for a modest fraction of Jim’s monthly welfare cheque. Thank God for ethnic cooking.

And after just seven hours of begging he can usually cobble together enough spare change to pay for a “cup of Tim Horton’s” and win a smile from the 22-year-old Sri Lankan girl behind the counter. Heck, if he watches his pennies he may even have enough to buy a liter of Pepsi from the pop machine by the door into the injection site the next block over.

Given his deprivations, many of us may wonder how people like Jim can carry on. There surely is little consolation to be found in the knowledge that there are hundreds of other native born White Vancouverites and aboriginals in the same boat, living under make-shift cardboard tents, clinging to blankets that they guard with their lives.

However, after glancing at the front page of a three day old copy of Vancouver Sun he found tossed in a gutter, Jim was overtaken by a surge of hope.

He read that Immigration Minister John McCallum solemnly promised that under his watch, Canada’s annual intake of immigrants — not including refugees — will never fall below 300,000, and that it is McCallum’s expectation that this number will soon rise to 450,000. Just what Jim needs! More diversity! I mean, after a while, even Chinese food can get boring.

It is McCallum’s sincere belief that the more people the government injects into the Canadian economy, the higher our GDP will get. And he’s right. Sure, our GDP per capita will shrink, but who cares? He’ll get credit for growing the economy! And that’s what’s important for guys like Jim.

Jim now knows that yes, relentless immigration of that scale will place yet more stress on social services, that food banks will be further depleted, that a steady torrent of largely unskilled migrants will eventually destroy our social safety net, and that an ever growing expansion of cheap labour will rob him of any chance of grabbing a minimum wage job, as slim as that chance was.

But all of this will be offset when each morning at 5 am his nostrils catch a whiff of sweet-smelling Syrian pita bread baking in the oven a mere two hundred feet from his bed by the pawn shop. And if that will not provide sufficient recompense, he will be enriched by the melodious cacophony of Arabic, Cantonese and Somali voices competing for acoustic space on his busy street. Who needs to jump on a plane or travel overseas when you know that such wondrous sounds can be heard without moving an inch? Dial 12 for English.

Despite the fact that Canada’s immigration quota is already as high as Mt. Everest, that along with Australia Canada has the highest immigration rate per person in the world, and that population growth in Canada has been the highest of G7 countries for more than a dozen years, the growth lobby was extremely disappointed with McCallum’s announcement. Bay Street was in mourning. They were given to believe what the CBC told us, that he would announce a 150% increase, not a stand-pat policy, however temporary.

But McCallum argued that before leaping that far, it was best to first ensure that New Canadians are able to “integrate” into Canadian society. His new found concern for social cohesion took us all by surprise. We thought that for diversity cultists like him, honour killings, FGM and terrorist plots were merely the growing pains of a great multicultural experiment. Apparently the views and complaints of ordinary Canadians were able to slip through the cracks of media censorship and make an impression on this Honourable Minister.

This only fuels the suspicion that McCallum’s more modest immigration target was not set in deference to adverse public opinion, but to buy time for him to fully recover from the shock of being exposed to it. It seems that the CBC had not been doing their job well enough. They let him down like a night watchman who had fallen asleep on the job. The CBC needs to be more vigilant.

After all, it only takes seconds for a politically incorrect remark to get past the gate and upset the apple cart. The knowledge that most Canadians are not in love with multiculturalism and mass immigration is enough to kill any Member of Parliament these days. No sooner did an Angus Reid poll reveal that 68% of Canadians believe that immigrants should accept core Canadian values when Conservatives like Jason Kenny affected outrage that a Conservative Party leadership candidate should echo the same sentiment.

Let’s hope that for Jim’s sake, and for people like him, this never happens again. Never again must ordinary Canadians have a voice loud enough to influence government immigration policy. Occasional feed-back is OK, but not unless and until it can be managed and vetted. Hate speech is not free speech, and lack of intellectual diversity and dissent is what makes Canada strong. Unity in ideological conformity and all of that. What constitutes “hate speech” you ask? It’s simple. Speech that PC people hate to hear.

I know, I know. Some of us are impatient. Some of us would like a taste of democracy in this country before we die. Some of us would like to enjoy the freedom of expression that our grandfathers had allegedly fought for in the last war. But we must be patient. Keep that poppy firmly attached to your lapel, and on Remembrance Day keep reminding yourself that “They died for our freedom.” The freedom that Professor Jordan Peterson is allowed to exercise at the University of Toronto without fear of repercussions.

Rest assured, your turn will come too. Free speech will return to Canada some day, but first we must wait for the CBC to develop better moderating tools. Perhaps if they had another billion dollars of extorted tax money to work with they could get it done.

So hang tight, Jim. Help is on the way. John McCallum is coming to your rescue. 300,000+ immigrants are coming to lift you out of poverty and spice up your life. Who said that the displacement, marginalization and destitution of native-born Euro-Canadians isn’t worth the trouble?