The Chinese at Vancouver City Hall are once again trying to present themselves as victims in Vancouver’s past. Over two years ago, three Chinese Vancouver City Councillors (Kerry Jang, Tommy Tang and Raymond Louie) persuaded Vancouver City Council to instruct City Staff to find any past Vancouver City by-laws which supposedly “discriminated” against the Chinese. Recently, Vancouver City Staff presented a partial list to City Council.

The great irony is that in the time during which Vancouver City Staff have been researching their report as well as in the years preceding, wealthy Chinese Business Immigrant Programme immigrants and wealthy Chinese speculators have created complete havoc in Vancouver’s housing market. The result has been that Vancouver City housing prices are now the second highest in the world. Hundreds of thousands of Vancouver City and Metro Vancouver residents can no longer afford to buy housing. Those who have scraped together the money to buy have assumed huge mortgages which will burden them significantly for many years to come. Similarly, huge numbers of Vancouver and Metro renters have had to pay huge increases in rents. A situation like Vancouver’s is now unfolding in the Toronto area. This issue is an issue about unnecessary immigration intake and is not just a Metro Vancouver issue. It is a major national issue. In its sheer magnitude, the destruction that the Chinese have caused in just a few years dwarfs any so called “damage” that Canada did to Chinese cheap labourers 100 to 135 years ago.

So here are three big questions for Councillors Jang and Louie (Councillor Tang is no longer a Vancouver City Councillor) :

(1) Will you now persuade the rest of Vancouver City Council to instruct City Staff to investigate and calculate the huge amount of financial damage that wealthy Chinese BIP immigrants and speculators have caused in the lives of Vancouver’s population?

(2) Since you have cheerled efforts to get Canadians of European heritage to apologize to Chinese, will you now cheerlead a NEW APOLOGY? The people who will now be forced to apologize will be wealthy Business Immigrant Programme Immigrants (particularly those of Chinese background) and also the politicians at all levels of government who have colluded with those BIP immigrants and speculators in creating the enormous damage that has been done to a huge number of Canadians?

(3) Since you supported a re-imbursement out of Canadian taxpayer pockets to Chinese who paid the Head Tax, will you now support a similar re-imbursement to (a) all Canadians who have been effectively priced out of home ownership and (b) to all Canadians who have been penalized with huge rental charges for housing? This re-imbursement will be huge and will come from wealthy Chinese Business Immigrant Programme bank accounts and from the bank accounts of all Canadian politicians who have supported this outrage)



EXPLANATORY NOTE : In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, China and Japan were over-populated, had low standards of living and were exporting their cheap labour to many parts of the world (the U.S., Australia and Canada particularly). Wages in Canada were 10 times higher than wages in Japan and 20 times as high as wages in China. This caused labour strife in the cheap-labour-receiving countries.

The story of the 1907 Labour Day Vancouver Parade and Riot provides important background information about Chinese and Japanese Low-Wage Labour Contractors http://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2007/09/08/the-1907-arrival-of-many-low-wage-labourers-precipitated-the-september-1907-vancouver-asiatic-riot/

Chinese cheap labour contractors became wealthy by offering their labourers to employers at low wages.

Many Canadians and Americans lost their jobs to low-wage labourers. Canada and the U.S. defended their work forces by placing a justifiable tariff (Chinese Head Tax) on cheap Chinese labour. In the case of the Japanese, Canada negotiated an agreement with a very co-operative Japan to limit the number of Japanese labourers who could come to Canada.

For the past 25 years, China has made its low-wage labourers available to the world. It has colluded with Western business (particularly American and Canadian) to close factories in the U.S. and Canada and open similar factories in China. Tens to hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans have lost their jobs to China. Canada, the U.S. and the entire Western World need to apply a new tariff (Head Tax) on all products from China. The process should start with Vancouver City Council, particularly with Councillor Kerry Jang who in a brazen ceremony raised Mainland China’s flag at Vancouver City Hall in October, 2016 !!! To many, that action had the symbolism of asserting China’s conquest of Vancouver. Jang and many of his ilk are quislings and should be treated summarily as such. There is no need to waste public money on a trial for them. They have damned themselves.

For details, see http://www.cknw.com/2016/10/02/councillor-pegs-flap-over-chinese-flag-at-city-hall-on-racism/