Goodbye and good riddance, Mansbridge

Goodbye and good riddance, Mansbridge

On Canada Day, Canada’s Glorious Leader Trudeau met CBC news anchor Peter Mansbridge on national television and declared : “Thank you Peter, for being a steady hand and a steady voice for all these years.”

Trudeau was really saying : “Thank you for being a quisling journalist and thank you for helping a quisling leader like me with your steady propaganda, steady misinformation, steady omissions, and steady voice for the immigration lobby.”

Mansbridge had a steady hand, all right. That hand was held over the mouth of any ordinary Canadian who dared to challenge the CBC narrative.

As many Canadians know, Peter Mansbridge has resigned his position as the anchor of The National, Canada’s nightly CBC news programme. For years, he has helped to lead the CBC’s policy of being the propaganda arm of Canada’s immigration lobby. So let’s remind all Canadians of the goals of the immigration lobby :

(1) To perpetuate Canada’s completely senseless immigration intake, now at 300,000 per year (about 8 million since 1991).

(2) To maintain the flow of huge profits to immigration lawyers, advocates,consultants, real estate agents and ethnic groups, and

(3) To continue a social engineering experiment (Trudeau calls it “Diversity”) that is conducted on Canada’s majority population in order to make it a minority.

Let’s make this even clearer : Like all CBC hacks, Mansbridge followed and enforced “CBC LAW” on immigration. It amounted to the following : No criticism should be tolerated on the CBC of Canada’s immigration intake or of such policies as multiculturalism. That “CBC LAW” was the virtual precursor of a law which Prime Quisling Trudeau now wants to pass for all of Canada : no criticism will be tolerated of Islam—even though one of Islam’s biggest promoters (the Muslim Brotherhood) has clearly stated that its goal is to destroy Canada.

Let’s make things clearer still. Not that long ago, Mansbridge hypocritically claimed that he did not choose the items that get shown on The National every night. According to him, the news made itself. However, anyone who has a semblance of a brain concluded long ago that the CBC carefully chooses who it interviews and makes sure that the immigration views of those who are interviewed fit within the CBC view of the world. Anyone who does not share those views will be censored.

Recently, on the “At Issue” section of The National”, Mansbridge belittled Conservative MP and Conservative Leadership campaign candidate Kellie Leitch, one of the tiny few Canadian politicians who has had the backbone to evaluate Canada’s immigration policies. Mansbridge carefully selected video footage which showed Leitch advocating that immigrants should be screened for “Canadian Values”. Obviously and justifiably, she had supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in mind. The journalists Mansbridge chose to speak were his usual panel : Andrew “Know-It-All’ Coyne, Toronto Star Chantal “Hack” Hebert. and Diarrhea Althea Raj from North America’s journalistic rag, The Huffington Post. Of course, all agreed with Mansbridge that no such screening should ever occur. In doing so, all re-inforced the description of the CBC as Canada’s official “herd of independent thinkers”.

To even use the word “thinker” in a description of the CBC is quite a stretch. Most Canadians can see that the CBC has grown into a large number of deadbeats who parrot Trudeau’s mindless “Diversity” declarations and perform his degraded acts on newcomers in full frontal view. Most Canadians have concluded that the abbreviation “CBC”, which is supposed to mean Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, really stands for “Canada’s Boot-Licking Collective”. With taxpayer money, they repeatedly and shamelessly throw their “Diversity” and “Open Borders” views into the faces of Canadians.

What is the damning evidence to substantiate these charges?

It is everywhere on the CBC. Here are some examples :

(1) Mansbridge has regularly aired on The National the views of European correspondents Margaret “Mush” Evans and Nahlah ‘Nada But Me” Ayed. Their “deep” compassion for the Third World (Africa and the Middle East, particularly) supported unlimited numbers of migrants traveling into Europe. To both, the point that the migrants’ search for “a better life” could make a “worse life” for citizens of the migrant-receiving countries was not to be considered.

(2) He also gave unlimited time to CBC hacks who reported from the U.S. They would troll the U.S. for examples of American Nativism, supposedly to warn “CBC-thinking Canadians” of the dangers of American Nativist thinking (Nationalism and Self-Defense) migrating north into Canada. The notion that some foreigners might have hostile intentions for migrating to Western Nations and that the U.S., Canada and all Western Nations have a duty to protect their populations from these characters had to be suppressed.

(3) Worst of all, Mansbridge refused to acknowledge that relentless immigration has produced countless negatives for Canada. One of the obvious negatives is that it has caused housing unaffordability in places like Metro Vancouver and Southern Ontario. Another major negative here is that migrants are outnumbering Canadians in many areas in Canada. By refusing to recognize that these are legitimate concerns for Canada and its official broadcaster to deal with, Mansbridge, has helped to destroy the lives of many Canadians.

His treachery did not end there. Throughout the past American election campaign, he declared “Open Season” by The National journalists on Trump for objecting to Mexican illegal immigration into the U.S. In one recent case, he permitted CBC journalist Nick Purdon to broadcast the incorrect notion that New York’s Statue of Liberty was built to welcome immigrants and the view that Latinos were being harshly and unfairly treated with deportation orders by American immigration authorities. To Mansbridge and Purdon, the fact that 10 to 20 million illegal Mexicans and others might have destroyed the working lives of equal numbers of working Americans was not worthwhile mentioning!! Like all CBC hacks, Purdon used the CBC camera to focus on the tears of illegals, not on those of Americans whose lives had been devastated by illegals.

CBC boot-licking has gone on for years with Mansbridge and other CBC hacks. In fact, it evolved into a formula for ethnic hacks to follow : Show up with a turban, Muslim pyjamas or scarf, a sad and fake refugee story, a brown or black face, a heavy accent—– and a herd of CBC sycophants like Mansbridge would be on their knees to lick your boots. To add insult to injury, CBC hacks like Mansbridge expected Canadians to pay him an alleged $500,000 per year and to give the CBC $1 Billion annually for broadcasting its idiocy !! Worst of all, Mansbridge and his hacks expected Canadians to fall into line with them and imitate the CBC’s quisling and parasitic behaviour.

Here are some final words for Mansbridge : You have helped to create an immigration Hell in Canada. But understand one thing : Another HELL was made for quislings and parasites like you and Trudeau. The sooner that you and he migrate there, the better off Canada will be.

Good-bye and good riddance !!


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