Is the Charter a strait jacket?—-Payment to Omar Khadr

Is the Charter a strait jacket?—-Payment to Omar Khadr

Richard Martineau
Columnist, Le Journal de Québec
Tuesday, July 11th., 2017

Did you see the interview given to CTV News by Layne Morris, the American soldier who was allegedly blinded by Omar Khadr’s grenade throw on July 27, 2002? It is very damaging to the Trudeau government.

“Omar Khadr does not deserve any apology from the Canadian or American governments,” he said.

“It is he and his family who owe excuses to humanity. I do not know what Omar Khadr has become today, but I know what he was at the time: a hardened, determined and disciplined terrorist who wanted to kill as many Americans and Canadians as possible … ”

The charter protects who?

What does our PM have to say to this? “The Charter protects all Canadians, each and everyone of us, even when it’s uncomfortable …”

Question: If the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, concocted by Trudeau, Sr. in order to dissolve Quebec nationalism in the battle of individual rights, defends a terrorist who killed an American soldier to please Allah, could it be that something is wrong with this charter?

Think about it for two minutes …. The laws are supposed to protect us, not imprison us.

If the Charter of Rights is a straight jacket that prevents us from effectively protecting ourselves against the people who want to harm us, let us change the Charter of Rights, for crying out loud…

If the Charter protects terrorists like Omar Khadr, it is because there is something wrong. No?

It is the Charter that is supposed to serve us, not us who are supposed to serve the Charter!

The Charter is supposed to be a tool, not a prison!

A complete terrorist!

Just as the founding fathers of the American Constitution did not anticipate the invention of semi-automatic weapons when drafting the second amendment (the right of all Americans to bear arms), the people who drafted the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms had not foreseen the rise of Islamo-fascism.

Not sure they would have drafted their charter in the same way …

You tell me that Khadr was only 15 when he threw his grenade… you did not know it was wrong to throw a grenade when you were 15?

I ask only one question: Why is a terrorist compensated when he commits a criminal act outside the country, when a victim of a criminal act that took place outside the country receives no assistance or compensation from the Canadian government?

As we speak, victims of criminal acts receive NO compensation … while Omar Khadr, who wanted to destroy Canada, receives $ 10 million … Hello?


Instead of shrugging his shoulders and singing « Kumbaya » , our Prime Minister should say loud and clear that the time has come to review the Charter of Rights …

When OUR Charter is better at defending the rights of our enemies than the rights of soldiers who risk their lives to protect us, there is something that does not work!

This story is scandalous … When will we cease to be subjugated by Justin’s smug smile?


Note : The above is a translation of the article written by columnist Richard Martineau that appeared in « Le Journal de Québec » Tuesday, July 11th., 2017 ref :