Diversity hiring has created hundreds of thousands of White victims


I live in Toronto and work in banking. I have been out of work for the last year. Over the last 6 or 7 years, I have had only short-term contracts (under 4 months). I have been unemployed longer than I have been employed over those years. For those who might think that I need to get more qualifications, I will say that I already have the following credentials : a CFA, FRM, MBA. I am able to get ONLY $20/hr entry level contract jobs, which have nothing to do with my credentials. Might there be something else underlying my career failures?

I really have to question Trudeau’s obsession with Canada’s employment equity “problem” and the quest to create “Diversity” at the expense of white men like myself. And I really have to ask, is there a “problem”? From the employment equity reports I have seen, it seems Banking/Finance companies have done extremely well in addressing any under-representation of minorities in employment. In fact, visible minorities are over-represented. Unfortunately, in these reports, you will not see a single number about white or male representation or availability. So you cannot see from the reports if the success in minority employment is at the expense of lower employment of whites.

As for me, when I go for interviews, more often than not, I am speaking with Asian hiring managers and with employment agencies staffed by Asians. And from my experience, it seems etiquette and ethics are gone from the interview process. If I’m interviewed by a panel, managers will walk out of the interview without excusing themselves and forget about a polite call back if they’re not interested in hiring me. Even worse, I’ve learned not to count on managers answering my follow-up calls or e-mails. Simple courtesies just don’t happen. To me, the whole human resources “industry” has become very secretive. “Donotreply” e-mail addresses have replaced names and telephone numbers.

Networking, the so-called “salvation” of the unemployed, can be very ineffective. LinkedIn holds itself up as a great networking tool, but getting a response from anyone can be almost impossible.

Bank reports on diversity show everyone that the banks are not discriminating against visible minorities because of visible minority last names, as the media so often accuses them of doing.

It is very easy to find Scotiabank’s “Employment Equity Narrative Report” on the internet, for example. But you won’t see any statistics on ‘WHITES’ or men’s representation (hired percent) or availability (workforce percent) anywhere.

Creating diversity (Canada’s version of Affirmative Action) is not victimless, but neither the banks or anyone else concedes this important point. In fact, they boast about how proud they are to have exceeded their hiring targets.

I have never seen equity numbers by geography. I think it would be telling to see statistics on the workforce of whites and minorities in Toronto vs Statistics on the workforce in small-town-Canada. With minorities shunning small towns, and companies keeping nation-wide equity numbers, I suspect more minorities are hired in the cities to compensate for the fewer minorities working in small towns. And so, I suspect more minorities are not just getting hired in Toronto, but are getting the better-paying jobs in middle and upper management there.

Not only is discrimination against whites institutionalized, but companies compete for awards to see who is best at discrimination, that is, who is best at putting minorities ahead of Whites. It’s ironic that the publication called “Canada’s Best Diversity Employers”, which flaunts this discrimination, is a Chinese-owned company.

Not only are jobless whites like myself discriminated against, but we can’t even talk about it. There are no “safe” spaces for whites or men to commiserate with one another. There are no community groups providing outreach to unemployed white males. Community employment offices want nothing to do with hearing white men complaining about discrimination, whether sexist, racist or ageist.

Insane as it sounds, the one thing employers intend to continue is the hiring of visible minorities.

It is very worrying. I am 54 years old. I used to think that I just had to worry about the next 10 years. But the CPP that I’ll be eligible to receive will not amount to much because the amount I receive is dependent on my life-time contributions. In other words, if Employment Equity prevents me from soon getting a decent-paying job soon, CPP won’t help much. I feel that Canada, the country of my birth, has turned its back on people like me.

Moreover, people in my position have to hope we keep our health. We have no money to pay for dental and eye care Forget about mental counseling. We’re on our own. And as far as Employment Insurance, its benefits run for a maximum of 45 weeks, and depend on being employed in the previous year. Here’s a big question : Is there a connection between all of this and a high suicide rate in older white men?

I think the only thing slowing down the replacement of whites in the workplace is the slow attrition of WHITES. Banks and other employers can’t get rid of whites fast enough. The presence and growth of whites in the workforce seems something to be avoided ! And you only have to walk around Toronto to see that Asians have taken most of the jobs… from servers to nurses, bank officers, bus drivers, police officers, analysts, managers… you name it. A past Toronto mayoral candidate (Olivia Chow) once said, when asked what makes her the best candidate : “I’m not white and I’m not male.” That sums up the attitude of many employers today.

What a national disgrace and terrible injustice the pursuit of “Diversity” has been!!



IWC’s Interpretation of the table above :

Here are some first observations of the obvious :

In 1987, 5% (29,760) of the employees in federally- regulated private industries were Visible Minorities.

In 2015, 21.2% (154,732 ) of the employees in federally-regulated industries were Visible Minorities.

The number of Visible Minorities working in federally-regulated industries increased by 124,972 between 1987 and 2015. The total increase in employees in federally-regulated industries was 135068. In other words, 92% of the new people hired between 1987 and 2015 were Visible Minorities. The logical question is this : Why is this number so high?

The overall questions that anyone can ask are these : Was the federal government justified in increasing Canada’s number of Visible Minorities, that is, in (A) changing the cultural character of Canada’s population and in (B) in increasing immigration and thus the number of Visible Minorities to a record-high intake. ? The answer is NO to both questions. The federal government never asked the population of Canada if it wanted a change in its cultural character (from European to Asian). In addition, it has never provided any justification for increasing immigration to the level it was increased in 1991, four years after the year 1987 when the numbers in this survey started.

Another over-arching question is this : Were the federally-regulated private companies justified in increasing the number and percentage of Visible Minorities they hired? The answer is NO, as Dr. Martin Loney clearly showed in his book, The Pursuit of Division. The person who did the research to justify the hiring of more Visible Minorities had made a fundamental mistake in her research. That person was a radical feminist named Rosalie Abella who now sits on Canada’s Supreme Court and who was recently being considered for the position of Chief Justice of Canada’s Supreme Court !!

Here are some other questions :

(1) In the period 1987 to 2015, the increase in the hiring of Visible Minorities (135,068 ) exceeded the increase in the hiring of women (8206) by 126,862 Why? Did federally-regulated industries have evidence/reasons for emphasizing the hiring of Visible Minorities at the expense of women?

(2) Do we have have figures on the hiring of White males and on the hiring of White females (Whites in general)? Did the hiring of Visible Minorities decrease the hiring of White Females and White Males, that is on the hiring of Whites in general?