Ricardo Duchesne's "Canada In Decay" is a book of historical significance

This bulletin consists of four short reviews of UNB Professor Ricardo Duchesne’s book “Canada in Decay”

This is a book of historic significance.

At a time when politicians, globalists and world elites work tirelessly to make their most nightmarish dreams come alive, Ricardo Duchesne stands athwart yelling “STOP!”. His book clearly states a cause of a concerned and patriotic Canadian who is not only unwilling to watch his beloved country sentenced to death by multiculturalism, but also doing what he can do best – enlighten the general public. This is a book for every decent man and woman in Canada—those who don’t want to be the last generation of people who remember Canada the way it used to be. This is a primal scream of the last vestiges of patriotism.—C. P.


I can’t recommend this book more enthusiastically.

I can state that there are many things about this book which are impressive, but two things stand out. One is the prodigious amount of research that the author has done to make his case. The other is the fact that he is a Canadian academic, a member of a fraternity that is thoroughly permeated and compromised by political correctness. Duschene’s students should feel extraordinarily privileged to be exposed to a perspective that is largely absent in Institutions of Higher Indoctrination that blight our land. That other professors have not seen fit to challenge orthodoxy in this area is as much a testament to their cowardice and lack of integrity as it is to their intellectual sloth. Duchesne’s book is so thorough, comprehensive and compelling that I would be surprised to see it listed as required reading in any course outline produced by the Ivory Tower pimps of the growth lobby. I can only hope it gains traction with the general reading public, who are sick and tired of the steady diet of open borders propaganda that issues out the mouths of immigration lawyers, politicians, teachers and CBC journalists each and every day. No wonder they tried to oust Duchesne.— P.T.M.


“Multiculturalism,” in fact, really means no culture at all, no values, no past, no goals, no hopes, no future.

To understand this book, the starting point might be British philosopher F.H. Bradley’s book “Appearance and Reality”. Bradley believed that illusion is the world in which most people now live. They think extraterrestrials visit Earth on a regular basis, and that Justin Trudeau is the savior of his country. Why do they think these things? Because they spend their time “catching the news” on a TV set or a computer, unaware that the main news-media are owned by gigantic corporations, which have a hidden globalist agenda. Most people almost never read books, and so they have little access to genuine information. If you push them far enough, they will only say, “Well, I believe. . . .” As a result, they become the unwitting dupes of Karl Marx, although he died over a century ago, and his political descendants, such as Justin Trudeau. What do most people learn from the Marxists? They learn to believe that since Canada has 10 million square kilometers of land, it can keep bringing in more immigrants for eternity, even though most of the land is uninhabitable. They also think that, with sufficient goodwill, one can have infinite growth on a finite planet. They believe that people of European descent, who have composed more than 80 percent of Canada until recent times, are guilty of centuries of rather uncertain crimes, perhaps including science, medicine, democracy, and education!! They believe the world should be controlled by a benevolent Liberal dictatorship, with all history, nationality, parenthood, and even gender scrubbed out of people’s brains. “Multiculturalism,” in fact, really means no culture at all, no values, no past, no goals, no hopes, no future. The ultimate message is that Earth should become a densely crowded but profitable Slave Planet, and that resistance is futile. Reading this book, on the other hand, might set you on a long journey to Reality.—Ozzie Spengler


We bow too easily and we all know it

Our immigration policies need serious tending to, with stricter rules, WAY fewer numbers, much better vetting, infinitely better protection of Canadian values and higher expectations of self-sufficiency for incoming people. I had no idea we spend what we do, financially supporting immigrants. It is an outrage. An immigrant gets more money than my mother does, who was born and raised in this country and worked all her life to contribute to the system. This is wrong. And we need to stand up and demand that it be fixed.—Stephany Chappell