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“The world would not be in such a snarl,

had Marx been Groucho instead of Karl.”

~ Irving Berlin ~




Canada Supports, Infantilizes Jihadis

The Canadian government is willing to go to great (and presumably costly) lengths to “facilitate” the return of Canadian jihadists, unlike the UK, for example, which has revoked the citizenship of ISIS fighters so they cannot return. The Canadian government has established a taskforce, the High Risk Returnee Interdepartmental Taskforce. In the sanitizing Orwellian newspeak employed by the Canadian government, the terrorists are not jihadis who left Canada to commit the most heinous crimes, such as torture, rape and murder, while fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq, but “High Risk Travelers” and “High Risk Returnees”. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is facilitating the return of ISIS terrorists and granting government funds to Islamist organizations who end up funding banned terrorist groups. So, whose interests is the Canadian government really looking out for?


Quiggan Report #16: Youth Employment Services: Non-Islamists need not apply

In typical Orwellian fashion, the new redesigned Summer Jobs Program is funding exactly those groups who most violently oppose abortion and advocate death or rejection to gays and transgendered groups.  Many of the groups being funded also have both direct and indirect ties to terrorism funding, according to the Government of Canada itself.  Many of the groups advocate violence against women.


Important Critique of the Government’s Illegal Attack on the Freedom of Speech and Conscience by Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto

Faith communities across the country (and politicians from all parties) have condemned the new requirement, including the Canadian Council of Imams, the Rabbinical Council of America, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. We should all take note when a government claims to value the contributions of faith communities but requires them to profess a set of values which is against their faith in order to be eligible for government funding. The government must abide by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in its treatment of lawabiding individuals and groups. The fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion, thought, belief, opinion and expression, as guaranteed in the Charter, must be respected and affirmed in legislation, regulations and policy.


Tamara Jansen, spokesperson for Free To Do Business Canada, and Albertos Polizogopoulos, legal counsel, speak to reporters in Ottawa about the legal challenge being launched on behalf of businesses denied a Canada Summer Jobs grant due to their failure to support a controversial attestation”


Canada: opposition Conservatives rip Trudeau for refusing to acknowledge Christian genocide

Bravo to Mr. Scheer and Mr. Genuis! The Trudeau Government also shut down the Office of Religious Freedoms because “it may be viewed as favoring Christians.” Favoring Christians? In the Liberal government’s mind, does “favoring Christians” mean to advocate for their human rights when they are being massacred by jihadists in an ongoing genocide in the Middle East? A question to ponder.


Canada has the laws to target the world’s worst. Now why won’t we use them?

Two months ago, a Transparency International survey of the G20 countries put Canada at the bottom of the list, with South Korea, in a ranking of G20 countries’ diligence to expose and root out money being moved around by corrupt officials. The opacity of Canada’s corporate registration laws has given rise to the term “snow washing” to describe how internationally sanctioned entities can easily engage in money-laundering in Canada.


Cop ‘didn’t mean to offend’ by flying Khalistani separatist flag

The worst terrorist attack in Canadian history — the 1985 Air India bombing, which killed 329 innocent people — was carried out by Khalistani terrorists. There are two Khalistani separatist organizations on Canada’s list of banned terrorist groups: Babar Khalsa International and the International Sikh Youth Federation. While most Sikhs in Canada are peaceful and patriotic citizens, a powerful faction advocate for an independent Sikh state to be carved out of India. Many in this faction call for violence and condone terrorism as a means to achieve their agenda.


MP Iqra Khalid Announces Liberal Government Response of $23 M Funding Initiatives in context of M103

MP Iqra Khalid says at 8:34 minute of the video that ”this money will go to NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims) & Islamic Relief (a charity that once lost its charity status). MP Khalid addressing to mainly Muslim audience, revealing Canadian Tax Payers money. $23 Million dollars going to allegedly radical Islamic groups. It’s a sad day for Canadians. “We” will succeed she says. Wonder who she means?

From Canuckistan with Love

It is hard to see how a tiny law school that adheres to traditional biblical mores is a plausible candidate for imposing ideological hegemony on the rest of the nation. After all, attending TWU is a matter of consent, not coercion. Given the extensive secularization of Canadian society, along with the decline of social conservatism as a political force, within the past fifty years, it is also difficult to imagine how this school could cause “significant harm” to communities that do not share their values. In fine, power, not justice, may well decide the fate of liberty in the new Canada.


Neo-Nazis in Our Midst by Raheel Raza

There was one gentleman, who I will call Mr. Nut Job, who came to the event early. We quickly caught on that he was there to create trouble, but in the interest of freedom of speech, we let him rant and rave. As per our mandate, we always encourage healthy and respectful debate and discussion. But Mr. Nut Job was not looking for answers – he was there to challenge us. Eventually he said, “I don’t want to see any Muslims in the Western world.” First, we are battling two kinds of extremists: On the one hand, the mullahs and jihadists from whom we want to take back the faith; and on the other hand, the Islam-hating, Muslim-bashing white supremacists. Neither of these groups are willing to adhere to reason and logic.


Dear Free Speech Patriot:

Your efforts to preserve free speech are having a great impact on a battle that continues to rage across Canada and beyond. Those who seek to curtail this and other fundamental right(s) have been so surprised by your unforeseen opposition that they now find it necessary to take the fight into the courts. In doing so, they hope to further intimidate and “chill” free speech patriots like you from continuing the fight.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech and the Case of Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson has, almost by default, become an icon of the Freedom of Speech movement in the UK. A convicted fraudster and founder of a working class, anti-Islamist, street movement, the English Defence League, he is an unlikely hero. Despite judicial warnings, he was arrested and convicted — after pleading guilty — for contempt of court after filming defendants entering court, ostensibly in breach of court-ordered reporting restrictions. The concept of freedom of speech in the UK is one of the few things that are, or at least used to be, regarded as sacrosanct. Combined and conjoined with the freedom of the press, it has a long and distinguished history.

Hear the Speech the UK wanted Banned (from Speaker’s Corner)

Martin Sellner was prevented from speaking at Speakers Corner and was detained by the authorities.  Tommy Robinson offers to read Martin’s speech instead.  “Speakers Corner has a 300 year old history – speakers from Karl Marx to George Orwell have spoken here.  It is a part of our history.” There is a war going on in the streets today – and you are fighting that war.  People of the UK: you are being replaced by massive Muslim immigration.


Robert Spencer: Geert Wilders Puts the Political Elites on Notice

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer discusses Geert Wilders’ recent speech at a massive rally for Tommy Robinson. ““Our governments,” Wilders declared, “sold us out with mass immigration. With Islamization. With open borders. We are almost foreigners in our own lands. And if we complain about it, they call us racists and Islamophobes.”

Paul Weston: Enoch Powell Was Absolutely Right

All we have in our defence is to speak the truth about this unprecedented assault on the English, but our freedom of speech is not simply under attack, it has gone. We are told this is not so. We are told it is guaranteed under various laws and acts – which on the face of it is true – but our hate crime laws also mean anyone can take offence to anyone saying more or less anything, providing it is the English saying it, after which the Orwellian, totalitarian hate crime laws can (and are) used to criminalise us.

The Supreme Court Delivers Another Stinging Rebuke to Anti-Free-Speech Authoritarians By David French

Perhaps the worst government affront to the rights of conscience, far worse than mere censorship, is compelled speech, the practice of forcing Americans to fund or express ideas they find abhorrent. It’s one thing to tell a man or woman that they can’t speak. It’s another thing entirely to compel them to use their voice, their artistic talents, or their pocketbook in support of a cultural, political, or religious enterprise with which they disagree.

Facebook, Twitter, Google

Facebook, Twitter Shut Down Hezbollah … Nope, Up Again

While social media giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter rely on liberal groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and its bogus list of “anti-Muslim extremists” to police their platforms and determine hate group designations, they should at least give the same credence to designations issued by the U.S. government and shut down all Hezbollah accounts for good.


Jared Taylor Wins First Round in Anti-Censorship Suit Against Twitter

California Superior Court Judge Harold E. Kahn rejected Twitter’s petition to dismiss the suit Jared Taylor brought against Twitter for banning his Twitter account and that of his organization, American Renaissance. The judge also rejected Twitter’s motion under California’s Anti-SLAPP law to strike the complaint, adding that it was “hard to imagine a clearer public interest lawsuit.” Judge Kahn described Taylor’s complaint as “very eloquent,” adding that “it goes to the heart of free speech principles that long precede our constitution.”


Toronto can’t handle influx of “refugee” claimants, Mayor Tory tells Ottawa

In an urgent letter, Mayor John Tory is telling the federal government that Toronto can no longer handle the influx of refugee claimants and will no longer do so without emergency financial help from senior governments.

In the letter, obtained by the Star on Monday, Tory states that Toronto welcomes all newcomers “but we need the appropriate support and leadership of both Ontario and Canada,” and that the city scrambling to find emergency shelter for each new wave of arrivals is not sustainable.


Refugees – If You Take Them, They Will Come and Keep Coming

The practice of resettling refugees in countries enjoying a high standard of living has proven to lead to more arrivals, to encourage human trafficking, and to result in unacceptable high costs and potential hostility towards the newcomers. It was for these reasons that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has accepted that “third country resettlement” is not the preferred solution to a refugee crisis. Prevention, containment, and local resettlement are the favoured options.


Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in Canada

Go ahead and blow your kids’ inheritances. You’ll never live to see the grim, Sharia Compliant governing bodies with Chinese characteristics. A dystopian nightmare where kinship and community will be replaced with alienation; where you can’t read any signs, understand the words, or trust the intentions of the people around you; where, after long lives of mowing your own lawn, old people will die surrounded by thieving and abusive aliens, like H.R. McMaster Sr. (U.S. Army, retired) father of the Trump Administrations former National Security Advisor, who died at the hands of a black nurse who didn’t give a damn about him and abandoned even the most basic standards of human decency.


Enoch Was Right: Raheem Kassam Vindicates Enoch Powell

For Powell, the immigration question came down to numbers—the greater number of immigrants, the greater chance for ghettoization. Second- and third-generation immigrants belong neither to the culture of their parents nor that of the majority. Into this void come radicalization, criminality, and other social cancers.


European Human Rights Commissioner Refuses to Help Tommy Robinson, Wants More Illegal Migrants Instead

The Council of Europe has also been very quick to denounce anti-immigration governments in Poland and Hungary for alleged human rights violations, while ignoring the threat to human rights of European citizens through migrant terror, crime and rape. “While she is busy advocating for illegal immigration and mass human trafficking, the Human Rights Commissioner shows a total lack of interest in the case of the most prominent political prisoner in Europe, Tommy Robinson.  It’s glaring proof of how partial and prejudiced these unelected globalist bodies have become.

Antifa & The Left

Unmasked: America’s Real Fascists

Whatever guise in which they cloak themselves — actor, patron, restaurant owner, Member of Congress, Media Matters official, activist, student — in fact, behind the mask, these are America’s real fascists. The BBC noted of Mussolini’s “Black Shirts” that they were organized “into armed squads known as Black Shirts, who terrorized their political opponents” — which is, in one form or another, precisely what today’s American fascists are all about. Antifa is, in fact, as reported by the Washington Post, decidedly acting as hooded “armed squads” — in the fashion of another founded-by-Leftists made-in-America terror squad…the Ku Klux Klan.


Have Liberals Become “Domestic Terrorists?”

Liberals call Trump and conservatives who support him “Nazis” and “Hitler.” Hitler and the Nazis killed 6 million Jews and tens of millions of others in WWII. Nothing compares to Hitler or Nazis. To make that comparison is obscene. But it is ironic that Democrats and liberals are the ones who are closest to acting like Nazis. If not Nazis, they sure are acting like the mafia. Or murdering street thugs. Or “domestic terrorists.” Take your pick.  What’s the difference between refusing service to a gay person, a black person, or a Republican? Isn’t hate, hate?

Southern Poverty Law Center

It’s Not Easy to Fight Extremists if You’re Called One: Why the SPLC Had to Pay Maajid Nawaz $3.375 Million

The first published version of the SPLC “field guide” was full of accusations made out of context, even though there was ample material to establish that Nawaz’s aim is, precisely, to counter extremism with solid religious, social and political arguments. A key point, which he has made many times is that Islamism, a political credo, is distinct from the religion of Islam. “Refusing to name and shame Islamism only increases anti-Muslim hate,” he points out. “When you’ve had bank accounts shut, accountants refusing service, visas denied, tiring airport inspection and doors closed to projects, it gets to a stage where you say ‘enough is enough,’” Nawaz wrote to me in an email after our phone interview. “The only way I got my name cleared was through taking action. Love it or hate it, legal action worked.”

Around the World


Algeria abandons 13,000 migrants in the Sahara desert, where they walk – or die

From this isolated frontier post deep in the sands of the Sahara, the expelled migrants can be seen coming over the horizon by the hundreds. They look like specks in the distance, trudging miserably across some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain in the blistering sun. They are the ones who made it out alive. Here in the desert, Algeria has abandoned more than 13,000 people in the past 14 months, including pregnant women and children, stranding them without food or water and forcing them to walk, sometimes at gunpoint, under temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit).


Austria: Catholic children forced to learn Islamic songs at elementary school, punished if they refused

At an elementary school in Linz, Catholic children have to memorise and recite Islamic songs as part of the Islamic Ramadan festival. They were forced to take part and were punished if they refused. Do you think the Muslim children are forced to learn Christian hymns? Somehow I doubt it.



Australia: Three KFC stores go full halal, refuse to sell bacon on sandwiches

If you’re an infidel who wants to get bacon on your sandwich in one of these stores, you’re out of luck. It isn’t enough for these stores to make halal products available to Muslims; they also have to impose Islamic law on non-Muslims as well. The supremacist character of Islamic law requires that non-Muslims must submit also — and at these KFCs, the submission is in full swing.


25 injured in building explosion in Germany

The explosion destroyed an apartment building in the western German city of Wuppertal. Was this a bomb factory accident? Will German authorities release some information? Police said they were in the dark about the cause of the explosion. Wuppertal is infamous for its sharia patrols. These “Shariah police”patrols would police sites such as discotheques and gambling houses, telling passers-by to refrain from gambling and alcohol. They were declared legal in 2016.


The Bad Boy of the EU

Strip away all the heated talk and the fundamental value at stake between the EU technocracy and Hungary is that of national sovereignty. The ideal of sovereignty directly challenges the authority of the EU technocracy. That is why those who support national independence and popular sovereignty are frequently accused of the crime of xenophobia. From the standpoint of the EU, what is truly unforgivable is the refusal of the Hungarian government to play the role of neocolonial supplicant in the EU’s imperial drama. Brussels fears Hungary because it refuses to bow to imperial technocracy.


Experts: Iran, Hezbollah Have ‘Radicalized Thousands of Latin Americans’

U.S. military and civilian officials have long warned against the threat to the United States homeland posed by the growing operational presence of Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America, noting that the Shiite terrorist group generates millions of dollars in the region from trafficking illegal drugs and money laundering that it uses to fund its operations overseas. Last week, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo, U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Department of State (DOS), warned during his Senate confirmation hearing that Hezbollah “threatens” Americans in the U.S. homeland.


Dear Prince William …

I have become a vibrant democracy that successfully juggles the rights and demands of the world’s three major religions. You could even call me a virtual beacon of light on that count considering the neighborhood I live in – bordered on at least three sides by radical Islamist regimes: Lebanon to the north, which is under control of the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah, Gaza to the south ruled by the terror organization Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to the east, which incites Islamist hatred of my people and indoctrinates its children in this murderous ideology even before kindergarten.



Muslim Herdsmen Slaughter 120 Nigerian Christians Returning from Church Funeral

Muslim Fulani herdsmen massacred some 120 Christians in central Nigeria over the weekend, the majority of whom were returning from the funeral of the father of a local Christian clergyman. In an attack that lasted several hours, heavily armed gunmen identified as Fulani herdsmen open-fired on citizens in a number of villages in Plateau State, killing about 120 and injuring over 200 more as they returned from the funeral of a local Christian minister. The herdsmen reportedly also burned some 50 homes to the ground.

Palestinian Authority

Palestinians: The Only Acceptable Peace Plan

The two Palestinian parties, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, may disagree on everything — except the elimination of Israel. The only peace plan acceptable to current Palestinian leaders would be one that facilitated their mission of pursuing jihad against Israel to obliterate it. If Kushner and Greenblatt wish to learn more about the true ambitions of the Palestinians, they would do well to take in a sermon at a mosque on some Friday or stop into a school in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Perhaps then they would see for themselves that no peace plan in the world can, at the moment, counter the poison that is injected daily into the hearts and minds of the Palestinians and their children.

United Kingdom

“Call The Grooming Gang”—Famous Midwife Memoir Proves “Grooming” Started In London In 1950s.

 It’s now three generations on from the 1950s, but Muslim “grooming” is exactly the same today. It is evidently deeply fixed in their culture: it was brought over from their home nation, and it has not been eradicated by extended, multi-generational contact with English norms.


The Dissolution of the People by Mark Steyn

What remains now of “Christian civilization” in England? Or of “our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions” – such as, say, Church of England primary schools in which all but two boys are Muslim. And which men in a new Britain will still say “This was their finest hour”? For when you lose your future, you also lose your past. Unremitting mass immigration is an existential threat. If your local politician doesn’t get that, elect another.

United States

It’s Getting Dangerous to Disagree in America

This weekend, Sarah Sanders Huckabee and her family were thrown out of a Virginia restaurant. Do not trivialize this as a failure of civility, or a small incident in the soap opera of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Victor Davis Hanson says it will pass. It is not passing. It is growing. This is more than an assault on the Trump Administration; it is an assault on all of us. Our parents and grandparents in the Greatest Generation fought fascism in Europe. We have to fight it here.


Letter to Stephanie Wilkinson, Owner, Red Hen Restaurant

Your bad judgment and political partisanship has contributed mightily to the uncivilized behavior demonstrated by your Leftist constituency.  It is shameful indeed and indicative of your rank intolerance that you would discriminate against a public official in any administration. Certainly, you don’t care about diversity of opinion and the free flow of ideas.  Plus, your actions foster the fomenting of violence.

Liberals’ Hatred Will Inevitably Turn Into Violence

Peter Fonda, astonishingly still only the second most garbage Fonda, got on Twitter to pedo-threaten Trump’s kid and to call for the public rape and torture of a conservative women, and exactly zero prominent Democrats seemed to complain. I don’t mean one or two. I mean zero. When people tell you they want to hurt you, you should believe them.


Philly Schools Add Muslim Holidays by Cutting Jewish One

Another triumph for Islamic supremacism, despite the fact the Jews out-number Muslims in Philly almost to two to one. Astonishing. Philly Eid Coalition, a consortium representing the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other groups, was a stakeholder in creating the school calendar. School district spokesman Harold Whack denied that the calendar change had anything to do with Muslim holidays.

Other Articles

If the Majority of Muslims Are Peace-loving People, Do We Really Have Anything to Worry About?

 Another sizable percentage of Muslims are dedicated to legally and non-violently gaining concessions for Islam within Western democracies. They are pressing for halal food in public schools, pressing for Islamic limits on free speech (pressing for censorship in the media so Islam is never criticized — see some examples here). They are doing it in individual countries, and they’re also doing it at the UN. The Organization of the Islamic Conference is the largest voting bloc in the UN and they are putting pressure on the rest of the countries to impose worldwide limits on free speech — the kind of limits Islamic law demands. All these people working for the legal imposition of Sharia law may very well be peace-loving people.


Anti-Blasphemy Laws are Blasphemous

The U.S. and other Western states should routinely include religious liberty, including the anti-blasphemy laws, in their dialogue about human rights with repressive states. These laws do more than result in individual injustice. They undermine the rule of law and essential protections of a liberal order. The West should not give human rights abusers a convenient excuse to dismiss criticism.


European Terrorism: The ‘Batman Syndrome’

How can we respect a society that is too cowardly to fight those who threaten its citizens, and that demonstrates its weakness by systematically seeking appeasement at the price of the most unreasonable accommodations? It is the ‘Batman syndrome’: the hero refuses to kill, he systematically saves his enemy who escapes and kills new victims until the hero catches up with him, and so on. Unless it gets serious about arresting not only the terrorists but also their deadly ideology, Europe will not see the end of the jihadist siege.


Sharia: Religious Guide or Foreign Law

How can Sharia be so clearly defined and implemented by Islamic legal scholars and jurists around the world, taught to elementary and junior high school students in Islamic schools around the world, yet be confusing to leaders in the West? There is no such thing as a “different kind” of sharia which does not mandate jihad until the world is under the rule of the sharia, and there is no other legal definition of “Jihad” in sharia other than “warfare against non-Muslims.”


Years after Genocide, Yazidis Urgently Need Help

“Every day of delay brings persecuted communities that much closer to extinction. In Iraq alone, nearly 90% of Christians have fled in the past 15 years, emptying entire villages that had stood for more than a thousand years. The Yazidi population has been similarly decimated. Without immediate additional support, these groups may be forced to continue their unprecedented exodus, perhaps never to return to their ancient homes.

“The time to act is now. Christians, Yazidis and other persecuted religious communities in the Middle East have suffered unspeakable harm for too long.


Please sign this petition in honour of my dear friends George and Evie Reisman who’s only son Frank was murdered on 9/11/2001.



American Media, Soviet Tactics

The job of a journalist is to report facts, add context where necessary, and leave it to the consumer to decide what he thinks.  In this video, James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas, explains why fewer and fewer people trust modern-day “journalism”.


Anne Marie Waters: Interview with Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant of talks to a candid and passionate Anne Marie Waters, leader of the For Britain Party.


Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)

Douglas Murray’s speciality is in intelligently pointing out the blindingly obvious to all the bone headed careerists within politics, academia and the media. If nothing else the inability of the established classes to deal with this issue has revealed how incapable and unremarkable they are.


Glazov Moment:  Maxine’s Gestapo

Jamie discusses Maxine’s Gestapo and sheds a disturbing light on the Left’s unveiled fascist face.

No Lemonade for Trump Cabinet members

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