C3RF Tweets – Sep 29, 2018

Christine Douglass-Williams discusses the Global Compact for Safe, Open and Regular Migration. Why does the international community desire to legalize pathways to mass migration? Hungary condemns. #m103 on steroids?

Federal judge in San Diego sides with CAIR and against parents and students who argued that Islam receives special attention not afforded other religions. Score one for Islamophobia?

Muslim mother has her son beaten to near death for converting to Christianity. Sharia apostasy laws?

Isn’t there a law against aiding and abetting terrorism? Maybe it’s just for tax payers and not tax distributors?

Shades of Lindsay Shepherd? Some things just can’t be discussed in a contemporary Canadian university setting

#freetommy isn’t going away. Are these the heart and soul of the England that won WWII?

Is California protecting its children or consigning them to a life sorrow? Governor Brown legalizes sex changes for 12 year olds. Are you right or transphobic if you think this is nuts?

Canadian MPs vote to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of her honourary Canadian citizenship. How could the human rights hero of Myanmar become a genocidal killer in 11 short years since her induction into this august group. Are we getting the whole story?

Migrant crime going unreported or covered up in leftist Spanish media. What is the situation in Canada? Why has the Danforth massacre gone away?

Austria closes 7 mosques and declares the beginning of a crackdown on foreign funding of others.

6 year olds in UK school write marriage proposal letters to same-sex classmates. Do such exercises in diversity confuse more than aid their own development? Would discussing issue be transphobic and therefore in need of censorship?

Lineup of “hateful” speakers scheduled to address ICNA conference in Mississauga. Thought motion #m103 was supposed to “quell” the “rising tide of hate and fear” in Canada.

Somalis rush security and riot at Minnesota amusement park law enforcement appreciation day. Forced evacuation follows.

Great news for #freespeech in Seatle. 9th circuit court rejects city ban of “faces of global terrorism” ad. Sharia blasphemy laws do not apply in the land of the 1st amendment.

Oh, oh. Dutch police arrest seven for plotting “major” terror attack with suicide vests, assault rifles and car bombs. Where do these guys get all this weaponry in gun-free Europe?

NYT article conflates the religion of Islam with its political dimensions and sharia law. All should receive 1st amendment protection?

Faith Goldy is a “white supremacist and a “neo-nazi”? Does she get an opportunity to defend herself from such accusations? Oh, forgot, MSM has censored her