C3RF Tweets – Sept 30, 2018

Irony of ironies. Doug Todd asks if the jailed Raif Badawi would be punished in Canada for saying what he said in Saudi Arabia. Do his words breach the #m103 bounds that the Libs are enslaved to? Is Canada not so much racist as it is hypocritical?

This is interesting. Linda Sarsour is scheduled to speak at Canadian ICNA conference in Mississauga 6 Oct. Even as she spouts blood libel at an ISNA conference accusing U.S. police officers of shooting blacks after Israeli training.

This is interesting. Comments from the current government?

Is Canadian “hate speech” law selective in its application. OK if it from certain groups but not others?

The authorities might have banned Michael Hansen’s “O Canada” but it’s renamed version, “Killing Canada” can be viewed here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=vzYTytI0zbI … Imaging banning a video whose crime is to discuss the banning of videos.

This is disturbing. Remember the Ottawa Public Library censoring “Killing Europe”. Now the authorities are censoring the follow on Michael Hanson doc that investigates the banning; “O Canada”. Is Canada really a supporter of #freespeech?

Danish police woman under investigation for hugging protestor garbed in a burka while protesting the burka ban. Is this akin to a police officer helping a robber load up a van with illegal goods?

Afghan asylum-seeker arrested for stabbing three in Ravensburg Germany. Motivation unknown.

Here we have it. This is what “Islamophobia” was always about – regardless of what #m103 proponents told us racist, bigoted Canadians. OIC issues formal call for non-Muslim nations to show respect for Islam, its personalities and its symbols