Fort McMurray is home to one of Canada’s fastest-growing Muslim communities

The following portrait of Fort McMurray was compiled by Tanya Gaw, a Canadian immigration activist. It was first published by Valerie Price, leader of “ACT FOR CANADA!”, a group concerned about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada.

“Fort McMurray is home to one of Canada’s fastest-growing Muslim communities”


  • Fort McMurray will have the Largest Mosque in North America upon completion.

$50 million complex.  150,000 sq.ft. The largest mosque currently is in Dearborn, Michigan (92,000 sq ft) wherein Islam has infiltrated all levels of gov’t and society, taking over businesses and out numbering citizens through higher birth rates. Muslim takeover in Dearborn Michigan This is unfolding precisely according to the Explanatory Memorandum  wherein Silent Jihad is instructed… the only way to stop it is to ban all manifestations of Islam (please see attached legislation from the Netherlands).  Nations around the world are recognizing this as the only option.  Trying to separate so called progressives (good Muslims) from bad Muslims is an impossible task and one in which Canadians should not be held hostage by some false moral obligation. The enormity of such a task is comparable to trying to take a silo filled with salt and sugar and then be instructed to separate the two.  It is impossible and Canadians must no longer be put in the position to be expected to do so.

We are under siege by a crafty enemy who is using self-victimization, manipulation and strategically maligning our Charter of Rights to use against us.  Islam is not a religion but a dangerous set of political ideologies intending to dominate the World.  The burden to protect so called progressive Muslims becomes even more complicated when you consider Taqiya (the Muslim directive to lie …as instructed in the Quran, to advance their agenda).  We are losing our freedoms and democracy just as we see rapidly unfolding throughout Europe and the UK.

Islamists have over 57 Muslim majority countries to choose from and therefore do not need to establish themselves in Canada knowing full well they will never integrate or assimilate.  Their ideologies (all levels of Islam, progressive or not,  wherein individuals in any way adhere to the Quran, Muhammad and Allah) are incompatible with Western civilized nations and this fact has never, nor will ever, change.  The truth of this is echoed around the world as all Western Christian nations are being infiltrated and taken over from within.  History is repeating itself as there were 400 years of the exact advancement by Muslims leading up to the Crusades wherein they were taking over Christian nations and raping, murdering and pillaging.  Finally Protestants and Catholics united to defeat the Muslims in order to protect western ‘civilized’ society.   We must learn from history.  The only way to eliminate this jihad is to ban the quran and close all mosques, Islamic centres and schools.

  • Fort Mac – Imam Abdurrahmann Murad…born and raised in Surrey, BC…. “left Canada at age 19 for Saudi Arabia to train at one of the most prestigious institutions that teaches sharia”. Murad returned to Canada several years ago. The imam is also one of 21 global instructors for the AlKauthar Institute, a coterie of mostly young, English-speaking orthodox ‘Sunni’ scholars.  The name “Sunni” is derived from the phrase “Ahl al-Sunnah”, or “People of the Tradition”. The tradition in this case refers to practices based on what the Prophet Muhammad said, did, agreed to or condemned.
  • “In Ottawa, concern is growing about foreign influence in the country’s mosques…but what are they doing about it?  On Feb. 2 (2017), the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence heard from two witnesses, Canadians with roots in the Islamic world, who urged a crackdown on financing from the Arabian Gulf. “With money pouring in from Saudi Arabia, Iran and other states, and with mullahs and imams being imported to Canada, the result is very obvious,” testified Homa Arjomand, an anti-sharia activist of Iranian heritage. “The state has paved the path for more segregation, isolation and discrimination.”
  • The Muslim population in Fort McMurray is 4 times the National Average (currently at 12 % of the population, . Toronto is at 8.9%.  . The National average is 3%…..and ‘rapidly’ growing.

The Muslim population in Europe is over 6%. The disastrous consequences of reaching +6% is very evident throughout Europe and the UK.  Throughout Canada, crime associated with Somalian refugees and Islamic presence has sky rocketed : stabbings, hate speech, terrorist attacks, etc.  Canadian law enforcement are being instructed to stand down and catch and release (according to sources I have spoken to personally in the Edmonton police force and Toronto).

  • Something to consider…..The fires in Fort McMurray were suggested to have been set intentionally although this has not been openly investigated or reported by the mainstream media.  Data shows there were no lightening strikes in the area and that the fires were therefore deemed human caused.  Fort Mac is home to Canada’s greatest oil resource.  Many question how the industry avoided tragedy yet the city was destroyed causing many to leave (20,000 reportedly).  Six-plex condos are being built for whom? The former Syncrude Towers are inhabited by a large portion of Somalians. Suspicion was also geared toward the Prime Minister for not jumping at the offer from Russia to send Water Bombers to assist.

Jihad Forest Fires 

U.S. officials monitoring terrorist web sites have discovered a call for using forest fires as weapons against “crusader” nations.

  • The fire has global ripple effects because it could force the U.S. to import more oil from elsewhere like Saudi Arabia.  Is Saudi Arabia making attempts to buy out Suncor and Syncrude?

Video explaining details re: Mosque


FBI Identified Terrorist Networks (this information should be updated)

NOTE:  In a speech ten days ago in the House of Commons Prime Minister Trudeau said that people who do not believe in “Canadian values” do not belong in Canada.   Are the the following the Canadian values he is talking about:


Fort McMurray Islamic School provides Alberta Curriculum taught from an Islamic perspective by Alberta Certified teachers.


Quran and Islamic Studies are taught as a subject area. Islamic principles are evident in all other subject areas. In 2005 FMIS joined the Fort McMurray Public School Board as an alternative program. FMIS offers Islam based education to today’s youth fortomorrow’s leaders.

Our mission is to develop the skills, thinking processes, and concepts while fostering positive, spiritual, social and emotional growth, self-discipline, and ethical and moral values. Facilitating a high level of educational achievement based on Quran and Sunnah and preserving the dignity and values of our children so they may live their lives as true Muslims in this diverse world.  This can be achieved by:

  • Providing a curriculum, which in its basis, direction, and structure,gives manifestation to the Islamic way of life as explained in Quran and Sunnah.
  • Providing Arabic and Islamic Studies that will be taught from an integral part of the curriculum promoting Islamic principles, practices and beliefs.
  • Providing Alberta program of studies as followed in any regular public school.
  • Creating an environment where each student is learning to the best of his/her ability.
  • Providing the best training in the religion and academic education that will foster the development and growth of quality education.
  • Encouraging the development of Islamic attitudes, respect for others, caring, sharing, and tolerance.
  • Encouraging students to think and work independently, cooperatively and learn effective communication skills.

Children who come by bus to attend the school are segregated…girls on one bus, boys on the other.  The girls all wear hijabs (as evidenced in the following video). 

The Mosque and Islamic Centre have segregated entrances for men and women.