No More Immigrant Entrepreneur Programs !!

No More Immigrant Entrepreneur Programs !!

​​​​​It is hard to believe that the B.C. government is now starting a pilot Entrepreneur/Investor immigrant program. Why? Because Canada’s federal government operated a similarly-named program between 1978 and 2014. The general conclusion that UBC Professor David Ley reached about it in his very thorough analysis, “Millionaire Migrants” (published in 2010) was that it was a massive failure.

In fact, in looking at the 25 year period (1977 to 2002), Ley found a positive correlation co-efficient of 0.94 between Vancouver house prices and net international migration (a significant part of which was driven by Entrepreneurial immigrants and their dependants). Ley described the very high correlation as “unusually decisive”. IN OTHER WORDS, IMMIGRATION HAD CAUSED STRATOSPHERIC HOUSE PRICES. See

During that time, the lives of hundreds of thousands of Old Stock Canadians were seriously damaged or completely destroyed by Chinese Entrepreneurs/Investors. Since being elected two years ago, the B.C. NDP government has introduced a number of measures to correct this huge problem. Although they seem to be working, Canada’s Old Stock population continues to suffer greatly from the effects of Chinese Entrepreneur immigration. The big question that remains is  this : What is the point of re-starting this unbelievable mess again?

Officials in B.C.’s Ministry of Jobs claim that the B.C. program differs from its federal predecessor in that it focuses on small B.C. communities : those with a population less than 75,000, not on B.C.’s larger cities. And, so far, the program has convinced about 32 smaller communities to take part.

Here is a key point : We suspect not a single politician or official in any of those 32 towns and cities has ever read UBC Professor David Ley’s book. In fact,  we suspect most of them operate at the Justin Trudeau level on the immigration file (that is, at a level of breath-taking ignorance). The other disturbing point is that the new B.C. program expects these Entrepreneurs to create only one job!!

Considering that these Immigrant Entrepreneurs, their spouses and children will be put on a quick path to obtaining Canadian Citizenship and all of its education and health benefits, the B.C. program and similar ones in other provinces, do not sound like much of a benefit to Canada.

According to B.C.’s Ministry of Jobs, the newest Immigrant Entrepreneur program will focus on attracting entrepreneurs from around the world (not just Chinese) in order to establish businesses in B.C.’s towns and to help with their economic needs.

The B.C. Ministry of Jobs and the entire B.C. government should take a long look at UBC Professor David Ley’s book and at a shocking statement from China’s former Deputy Minister of the Environment, Pan Yue, who was quoted as having said the following in 2010 (See “When A Billion Chinese Jump”, P. 183) :

“Coal mine owners…indiscriminately extract coal and dig up the land, creating pollution. As a result, they become extremely wealthy. Once they have polluted…, they do not stay there. Instead, they move to Beijing, where they buy luxury villas and push up house prices. They have also pushed up property prices in all the coastal regions of North China. If these areas then become polluted, they will then move to the U.S., Canada, or Australia and cause inflation there too. They take all the benefits of polluting industries, but pay nothing toward the cleanup costs.”

Canada’s Immigration Department is supposed to examine the background of all immigrants and to weed out crooks. At the very least, Mainland Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs, were environmental criminals.  Others from Hong Kong and Taiwan were similar. The big question Canada should be asking is this : If the very secretive Chinese government admitted such nationally embarrassing information to all the world, and used the word “parasites” to describe Mainland Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs, shouldn’t the B.C. government in particular be deliberately avoiding programs that will attract such parasites? Is it not probable that the new Immigrant Entrepreneur will undermine the recent efforts of other government departments to counter the very serious damage done by earlier Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs? For once, let’s get really serious : how about issuing huge tax bills bills or deportation orders to hundreds of thousands of people who entered Canada through the Entrepreneur Program. Many of them continue to abuse Canada through non-payment of their share of income taxes and other violations.

For details, see

The overall point is that using immigration to stimulate Canada’s economy did not work  before the federal Entrepreneurial Immigrant program began. And it did not work under the federal Entrepreneur program. In fact, according to two veteran Canadian economists, immigration has been costing Canada about $35 Billion per year. If updates were to be done, the cost of immigration to Canada would probably be well over $40 Billion per year. Such an amount would go a long way to solving Canada’s huge homelessness problem as well as many other difficulties.

Let’s say it again to the politicians across Canada who like to tell us about the wonders of mass immigration :  No More Immigrant Entrepreneur Programs !!