Muslim Cleric says : “Conquer the world through the Halal movement”

Muslim Cleric says : “Conquer the world through the Halal movement”

By Valerie Price, AC T! For Canada

Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. A Halal certified product means that the product is permissible or acceptable in accordance with Islamic law. Whenever you buy groceries from the supermarket, it’s quite possible that you’re paying an Islamic tax. This tax, masquerading as Halal Certification, is a modern version of an Islamic tax called‘jizya’. This tax was imposed on people conquered by Muslims who did not wish to convert to Islam.

Muslims, who are only 3.6% of the Canadian population, now control over 50% of our food industry. Iconic names and brands like Campbell’s Soup, Cadbury, Nestle, Kraft, Kelloggs, Olymel (also Flamingo) are among the household names in Canada collecting this jizya-liketax from non-Muslims. Just because you do not eat meat does not mean that you are not eating food or consuming a variety of other products that are certified Halal and for which fees have been paid. Any product you now buy may be Halal certified. You’re probably safe only when you’re drinking alcohol or eating pork! We are witnessing a Muslim takeover of an increasing share of the food industry and other industries, with consequences on the job market.

One Halal expert, a Muslim, predicts that worldwide profits realized by imposing these costs will eventually exceed one trillion dollars, a not insignificant portion of which goes to supporting violent Islamist organizations that seek to impose Sharia law globally.

With the Halal industry, we are experiencing Islamization on a large scale for the first time in the West. Great numbers of people are forced to live according to Sharia law whether they like it or not, which is the essence of Islam and its supremacist nature.

Halal food by itself is not of concern. Nearly all food is naturally halal (permissible under Islamic sharia law) and observant Muslims can make food of unknown origin halal by pronouncing ‘bismillah’ over their meal. What is of concern, however, is the recent invention of Halal certification schemes.The extent of this Islamic ‘tax’ becomes clear when we understand who contributes to these schemes: (1) Many dairy companies, like Saputo, Gay Lea, Salerno (2) Over 75% of poultry suppliers (3) Over 60% of abattoirs processing sheep in Alberta, New Zealand and Australia (4) More than 50% of abattoirs processing cattle (5) Generalists like Unilever, Nestle, Kraft, Campbell’s, Cargill, Maple Lodge, McCain and many more (6) Finance, Insurance, AIG, CIBC, Wood Gundy, Zero Mortgage Co.

The global market for Halal-certified products and services is estimated to be worth more than USD 2.3 trillion, expanding by 20% per year. As noted above, these schemes are not limited to food alone, with products and services ranging from halal certified cosmetics to water, trucks, warehousing and sharia finance. There is no limit to the schemes. Plans are in place to certify every step of the market from suppliers of animal feed, to food processing and eventually the transport to your supermarket and shopping bag. Muslims Start the Halal process by demanding Halal food in daycares, schools, universities, prisons, hospitals, military, and sports events

Halal food contributes to three significant problems –independent of animal cruelty or religious issues.

•The first problem is an employment fairness issue. Halal slaughter requires that Muslims perform all halal rituals. The end result is that Muslims begin to “take over” the food production jobs of a nation. The idea that Muslims –who wish to convert or subjugate non-Muslims –control any aspect of non-Muslim food production is disturbing.

•The second problem is a terrorist funding issue. All Halal products require the monetary purchase of Halal certification from a major Muslim entity –and some of that money inevitably supports terror efforts against the West.

•The third problem is a Muslim immigration scam. Evidently, halal slaughter requires Western nations to import halal butchers from Muslim nations. The scam is that the halal butchers QUIT as soon as they receive their Western immigration status –requiring the constant importation of halal butchers from –you guessed it –Muslim nations.

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This bulletin was first published by ACT FOR CANADA