Halloween’s degradation foreshadowed what may happen to all of Canada

Halloween’s degradation foreshadowed what may happen to all of Canada

The designation of November 1 as “All Saints Day” happened in the 700’s. Christianity wanted to have its members revere its founders and its best (its outstanding leaders, interpreters of Jewish-Christian writing and martyrs). These people were referred to as Christianity’s “Hallows” or “Saints”. The use in England of the word “Halloween” or “ALL HALLOWS EVE” was fitting. It was the night that preceded All Saints Day. It came from two English words : (1) the word “Hallow” meaning “Holy” or “Saint” and (2) the word “een” meaning “evening” or “night”. In Christian teaching, the job of the Saints in Heaven was to intercede on behalf of Christianity’s faithful on Earth.

To use a simple comparison, the Saints of All Saints Day were similar to what many contemporary Sports refer to as their Hall of Fame. Furthermore, to accord respect to Christianity’s millions of deceased followers, the Church in the 1200’s designated the day after “All Saints Day” as “All Souls Day”. It was a day devoted to souls who did not have the stature of the Church’s outstanding members, but who should be accorded respect because they had “kept the faith”.

The All Saints and All Souls Day tradition traveled to Canada through French and English settlers. The Church has had its share of corruption, but it has been the moral backbone of Canada for hundreds of years. However, Canada’s current cowardly and quisling political class has refused to defend Canada against High and unnecessary immigration. This represents the latest sinister attack on Christianity and its traditions. Obviously, the noble tradition has been secularized and trivialized. And the attack has accelerated with the arrival of people who are openly hostile to Canada’s past and are obsessed with replacing Canada’s majority Euro-descended population.

Canada’s Trudeau added to the assault on Canada’s history in 2015 when he contemptuously declared that Canada was to be the world’s “first post-national state”. To Trudeau, Canada does not have any distinct culture and the members of Canada’s two major founding groups should not be allowed to defend themselves against a relentless inflow of people from very different backgrounds. His litany of apologies to ethnic groups such as the Sikhs is ample evidence. After that came an unending number of apologies to Canada’s First Nations. In spite of the fact that Canada had achieved a societal status far above that of many of its current sources of immigrants (China, India, the Middle East and other parts of Asia), Trudeau has set Canada down a road to more and more cultural degradation. To Trudeau, Canada’s past is to be reviled and replaced, not revered. To many Canadians, Trudeau’s Diversity is not our strength. It is our disaster.

The NDP’s Jagmeet Singh, once known as Jimmy Dhaliwall, is one of hundreds of MPs who merit the name “quisling”. On election night, as on the night he was elected NDP leader, Singh began his speech by saying that he wanted everyone in the room to acknowledge that they were standing on First Nations land.

In case anyone needs a translation of his words, here it is : “People of European ancestry have no right to be here.”

Let’s say that again: According to Jagmeet, “People of European ancestry have no right to be here.”

The obvious question is this : If people of European ancestry have no right to be here, what right do Singh and the hundreds of thousands of his fellow Sikhs, particularly the many who have entered Canada fraudulently, have to be here? And what about members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathizers who have sworn that their primary purpose in being in North America is to destroy our society and its Christian religion.

The story continues. A bro-mance between Trudeau and Obama was a good laugh. But Sikh-Phile Trudeau’s next bro-mance, this time with Singh in Ottawa’s Minority government, is sinister. Some Sikhs are undoubtedly good citizens, but since their arrival around 1913 on the Panama Maru, they have been a group of clawers and graspers. One of the crudest examples of clawing and grasping occurred last April when Sikh MP Sukh Dhaliwall asked Canada’s Parliament to designate every April in perpetuity as Sikh Heritage Month. All MP’s should have asked the question that most Canadians were asking : What Sikh Heritage??? The only thing that most Canadians will think of when the word “Sikh” is mentioned, is the bombing of an Air India plane. That bomb was loaded on a plane in Vancouver. When it exploded over Ireland, it killed 329 people. The principal Sikh conspirators remain unconvicted. This “Sikh heritage” event was the largest mass murder in Canadian history. Yet All MP’s shamelessly voted in favour of Dhaliwall’s motion. Consider this : The architect of Canada , John A. Macdonald, is accorded one day of recognition in Canada’s calendar. What greater insult could Parliament have committed against Canada’s history, its principal architect, its legion of founders and its many real faithful?

What other multicultural insanity, degradation and irreverence against Canada’s majority population and its 400+ years of traditions (such as All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day) are coming? What are Trudeau, the Sikh hacks in his Cabinet and Jagmeet now cooking up?

This All Saints Day and This All Souls Day, Let us pray to the Saints and the Faithful for deliverance.