Canada should end all immigration until further notice

Canada should end all immigration until further notice

​​​​​Total Foreign Nationals entering Canada through both legal immigration programs and through illegal border crossing into Canada : well over 1 million.

Here is a breakdown :

• 340,000 Immigrants in the Economic & Family Class
• 100,000 to 200,000 International Students (Canada already has over 500,000)
• 150,000 to 200,000 Temporary Foreign Workers
• 50,000 to 60,000 Illegal Border Crossers (Fake Asylum-seekers)
• 250,000 International Mobility Workers.
. 25,000+ 10-Year Visa Recipients (Canada already has 1 to 3 million)

Let’s say that again : In 2020, over 1 million foreign nationals will enter Canada through a number of immigration programs. Tourists are not included. The number is staggering. A large number of this year’s arrivals (plus those who have arrived in the past few years), have the right to apply for immigrant status and citizenship.

Even at the best of times, there was little if any, justification for even a fraction of Canada’s immigration intake. In a Pandemic such as Covid-19, any immigration is dangerous. All immigration to Canada should end until further notice. Almost none of these immigrants are essential. Yet Canada has only pretended to close its border. Instead it has granted many exemptions to the few rules it has introduced. At the very least, Canada should have closed its borders to China weeks ago. Why? China’s lying caused the Pandemic to explode. Like China’s new numbers and other statements about the Corona virus, Canada’s statements about immigration cannot be trusted. Canada should also immediately close its border to its other major sources of immigrants such as India (the Punjab), the Philippines and Muslim Brotherhood countries. An end to immigration from all other countries should follow quickly.

Why has Trudeau’s government not introduced emergency legislation to achieve the goal of ending all immigration until further notice?

(1) Canada’s largest and most dangerous virus is our home-grown CBC. It could have exposed the insanity of Canada’s intake and pressured the Liberal government into protecting Canada, but it has chosen to lick the boots of Canada’s immigration industry, particularly the boots of ethnic groups. For years, the CBC has been a perpetual quisling and the shameless propaganda arm of Canada’s immigration industry. Our private media, the recipients of $600+ million of federal payoff money, are also quislings—in addition to being cowards.

(2) Canada’s other national viruses (immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, immigration advocates, academic immigration hacks and ethnic organizations of Chinese, Sikhs, the Muslim Brotherhood and others) have intimidated Canada’s political class to the point that they will scatter like rats at the first hint they might have to reduce immigration.

It’s time to flush Canada’s cowards and quislings. It’s time to end Canada-Last policies and to replace them with Canada-First policies.