The West must use the Corona disaster to mobilize resistance to the Left and to China

The West must use the Corona disaster to mobilize resistance to the Left and to China.

Sean Jackson of “Liberty Sentinel” interviews retired UNB Professor Ricardo Duchesne about the Left’s use of mass immigration (1) to force diversification on The West and (2) to precipitate the West’s downfall.

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Professor Duchesne argues that the Left (politicians, media and academics) has orchestrated an anti-nationalist attack against their fellow citizens. He says the goal of the attack is to destroy the West’s legitimacy to exist in the Americas and in Europe. He adds that the Left is assaulting important Western values such as Truthfulness, Family, and Free Expression. He says the West has become very naive about geopolitics and the power-seeking nature of human beings. Leaders like Trudeau assume that nations can coexist in a state of harmonious balance, but this is possible only among Western nations, not with China, which is seeking supreme power. Western leaders need to face up to the geopolitical reality of power politics in a world divided along racial and cultural lines.

Duchesne says that the Establishment is denying Negative Liberty to its own people. He defines Negative Liberty as the need to express views without the interference of the state or the Establishment. He argues that through its control of the education system and the media, the Establishment has suppressed discussion of the most important issues of our time: The diversification of the West, the Family, and free expression. At the same time, China has launched a very nationalist and sinister program to make itself into the World’s Supreme Economic and Cultural leader by 2048. That year, by plan, is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Communist China. By that same year, the Chinese plan to be the World’s Supreme Race. The response of many Canadians has been (1) to accept naively a widespread attack on the European culture of Canada’s founders, (2) to parrot an anti-White agenda and (3) to support immigration policies which will result in the West’s majority population being outnumbered by the Chinese and others. Trudeau represents the extreme naivete of Canada and the rest of the West.

In Duchesne’s view, one of the more brazen tactics China has used is its “Thousand Talents” policy which used high salaries to lure thousands of Western-based ethnic Chinese and Caucasian scientists to China in order to acquire even more Western technology and expertise. It succeeded. Thousands of Western-based scientists went to China. A number of them are now being investigated.

China’s goal was to create a virtual second “GREAT LEAP FORWARD”. However, the malice of China has become evident in the Corona-19 crisis. China’s lies and its irresponsibility to the rest of the world have resulted in an explosion of Corona-19 damage. It is obvious that China recognizes that its Corona-19 Virus has gravely weakened the West and made it vulnerable to economic takeover. For example, recently, China delivered a huge supply of medical equipment to France. Simultaneously, it pressured France to show its gratitude by adopting Chinese Hua Wei (5G) technology. As even the most gullible know, most countries suspect that China will use the technology to spy on the West and become even more dominant.

The West must use the Corona disaster as a way to mobilize resistance to the Left and to China.


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