Canada’s new Immigration Minister, former Crown Prosecutor Marco Mendicino, has recently demonstrated that he is not much better than his predecessor, Ahmed Hussen.

That’s not good. Many Canadians had concluded that Hussen was one of the worst Immigration Ministers Canada has ever had. He knew little about the immigration issue. He told Canadians that immigration brought economic benefits. Well, immigration certainly brought economic benefits to the hundreds, if not thousands, of his fellow Somalis who flooded Ottawa’s malls with their welfare cheques and lazed there at every opportunity. However, Canadians who had to pay for the welfare cheques did not benefit. And that’s the crucial point. Hussen also said Canada needed immigrants to offset our aging population. He should have known that Health and Welfare Canada had examined that claim and concluded the opposite–as did a thorough CD Howe report.

Being incompetent was bad enough. He was also arrogant. When Trudeau announced a very large increase in immigration, Hussen taunted Canadians by saying the high numbers were the “New Normal”. Canadians should get used to those numbers !! Worse, when someone asked him what he would do if he lost his seat in the next election, he said he would become an Immigration Consultant for other Somalis who wanted to come to Canada. Was he really saying that, as Immigration Minister, he had become aware of all the ways that the sleaziest of our immigrants had used to cheat our system and he could definitely give his Somali clients lots of advice. In summary, Trudeau had appointed Hussen to throw acid in the face of Canadians. And Hussen obeyed gleefully.

Canadians might think that a Former Crown Prosecutor like Marco Mendicino would be a major improvement as Immigration Minister. However, judging from the goals Mendicino announced around March 15, things look like they have gone from “worst” to “almost as bad”. Here are four of Mendicino’s goals :

(1) RESPONSIBLY GROW CANADA’S POPULATION : Letting Canada’s population grow endlessly is absolutely irresponsible. The result of unnecessary immigration has been that our cities have exploded with people we don’t need. At the very least, the farmland they have settled on has endangered our food security. Way back in 1976, Canada’s Science Council (Canada’s top scientists) was asked to determine an optimum population for Canada. It told Ottawa to Cap Canada’s population in the low 30+ million range and take measures to protect its farmland. Ottawa did not take its advice. Instead, it submitted to the pressures and ambitions of the country’s immigration industry, a depraved crew of consummate low-life such as immigration lawyers, consultants, advocates and ethnic groups. Not all of the immigrants that Canada took came from the world’s environmental catastrophes/disasters such as China and India respectively, but a huge number did. In the minds of those immigrants, there ain’t no place like the sewers and rats’ nests of home. So they started doing everything they could to make Canada look like home. The fastest way to re-create proverbial shit holes here was to increase immigrant numbers. A long list of Canada’s PM’s and Immigration Ministers complied. Trudeau got down on all fours!!. So did his Finance Minister who is part of a group that would like to see Canada’s population rise to 100 million !!. The best thing Mendicino could do is to cleanse our temple and send Morneau and his clique packing. Which Canadians in their right mind would want Canada to resemble countries like China, India and similar places?

(2) MAKE THE ATLANTIC IMMIGRATION PILOT A PERMANENT PROGRAM TO SUPPORT CONTINUING ECONOMIC GROWTH THERE WITH 5000 ADMISSIONS. : The Atlantic Provinces may not like to see themselves as overpopulated, but they are. As a result of that and their limited resources, they have become “Have-Not” provinces. It would not be a bad thing if their populations decreased. If Mendicino had studied the immigration issue, he would have learned that raising the retirement age makes much more sense than increasing immigration. Finally, speaking of “Have-Not” provinces, remember that Ontario (once Canada’s industrial heartland) has recently “achieved” Have-Not” status. The fact that it has taken about half of all the millions of unnecessary immigrants Canada has been flooded with for the last 30 years has undoubtedly been a major factor in Ontario attaining “Have Not” status. The blunt truth is that immigrants to Canada for the past 30+ years have taken much more than what they have contributed economically. It is delusional to think that future immigrants will be much different.

(3) FACILITATE THE RURAL AND NORTHERN IMMIGRATION PILOT : This pilot is a rerun of Canada’s disastrous “Investor Immigrant Program” which brought mostly Chinese “Investor Immigrants” to Canada’s cities– supposedly to set up businesses. They did not fulfill their obligations. For Mendicino’s benefit, let’s rephrase Julius Caesar, his fellow Italian. : The so-called “investors” came. They saw. And they plundered! In fact, they did so much plundering that they created one of the largest social catastrophes (housing unaffordability ) that Canada has ever seen. If Mendicino truly wants a worthwhile goal , he should take on the task of deporting hundreds of thousands of those “Investor” parasites. He should not allow more of them in.

(4) CREATE A NEW (IMMIGRATION CATEGORY) TO PROVIDE A SAFE HAVEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES, JOURNALISTS AND HUMANITARIAN WORKERS AT RISK ABROAD. : Canada already has too many immigration categories. The wisest thing to do at this emergency time would be to suspend all immigration. Even at the best of times, Canada had a surplus of so-called “Human Rights Advocates”. Second, it does not need any more “Journalists”. In fact, the journalists who are already here, particularly those at the CBC, are so bad that it would be wonderful to flush as many of them as possible to rat-holes such as the Punjab, the black holes of China or the Muslim Brotherhood-infested Middle East. Finally, Canada has enough humanitarian workers. If Canada is to be truly humanitarian , it should start its humanitarianism in Canada by declaring that the rights of Canadians must be considered before A SINGLE OTHER IMMIGRANT is allowed in. Canada has had the biscuit with solving the world’s problems.

Let’s summarize for Mr. Mendicino : Do your homework. You obviously have not done it and would fail any “immigration knowledge” exam if you took it today. Trudeau would fail even worse than you. Hit the books hard. When you are ready, let us know and we’ll make exam-writing arrangements for the two of you.

The country deserves better than to have ignoramuses running Canada’s immigration show.


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