Canada has to revive Its Immigration Spirit of 1914

Canada has to revive Its Immigration Spirit of 1914

The letter below was written to the Surrey, B.C. newspaper called “Surrey Now”. The editor of “Surrey Now” was tricked into publishing an article claiming that Canada committed “a clear act of racism” when it denied entry to Canada in 1914 to about 300 passengers (mostly Sikhs) on a ship called the Komagata Maru.


Attention “Surrey Now” Editor :

Subject: Re: your article :

Sikh hacks will love your newspaper for parroting their propaganda, but if your newspaper is even remotely interested in the truth about the Komagata Maru incident, why don’t you read a number of the historical documents about it? Those documents tell a story very different from the “POOR US” story which the Sikhs like to tell.

For example, a ship called the Panama Maru arrived in Vancouver in October, 1913, about eight months before the Komagata Maru. The Sikhs on board the Panama Maru had committed extensive document fraud in order to trick Canadian immigration officers into letting them into Canada. Canadian immigration officials detected the fraud and did what they could to bar entry to those Sikhs. However, thanks to an often-drunk judge to whom the Sikhs had appealed, most of the 56 were allowed to stay. In addition, a number of the fraudsters escaped custody and managed to hide and stay here. Almost certainly, descendants of those 56 Sikh crooks live in Canada today.

As a result of the incompetent judge and the escape from custody, Canadian immigration officials in 1914 were very wary of allowing Sikhs on the Komagata Maru to land in Canada. Why? The Sikhs had brazenly mocked Canada in 1913, so Canada had justifiably stood up to them and refused them entry in 1914.

In addition to that problem, the Komagata Maru trip was very poorly-timed. The ship arrived in 1914 when a serious economic crisis was happening in B.C. as a result of a very serious world-wide recession. Many British Columbians were unemployed. And Canada of that time, unlike Trudeau’s Canada of today, very sensibly protected its unemployed. Worse still, Gurdit Singh, the leader of the Komagata Maru expedition, boasted to customs officers that if he were successful in landing, he would later bring another 25,000 Sikhs to Canada. Remember this : Vancouver had a population of about 60,000 in 1914, so an inflow of 25,000 would have set off loud alarms that Vancouver would be overwhelmed.

The Sikh reputation for fraud has continued. A few years ago, Sikh former Premier Ujjal Dosanjh revealed that Sikh construction companies in the Surrey area had evaded about $1 Billion in taxes. Today, according to reports from honest Sikhs, their fellow Sikhs are involved in extensive 10-year visa fraud, Provincial Nominee Program fraud and in much other immigration illegality.

The Sikhs like to play the “victim” role, but they were the authors of their own fate in the Komagata Maru incident. Their collective reputation was degraded even more in 1985 when Sikhs loaded a bomb on a plane in Vancouver. That bomb exploded over the coast of Ireland and killed 329 people. That crime remains unpunished because Sikh perpetrators of the bombing have intimidated honest Sikhs who want the Sikh perpetrators to pay severely for their crime. That bombing was the largest mass murder in Canadian history and has placed a permanent stain on the entire Sikh group. The Surrey memorial to the Komagata Maru passengers in Surrey should never have been built. In fact, many Canadians ask this question : Shouldn’t Canada demand an apology from the Sikhs for all of the wrong-doing the Sikhs are guilty of? ?

The Sikhs have two purposes in erecting the memorial (1) to make Canadians feel guilt for an incident they have no reason to feel guilt for and (2) to open Canada’s immigration door to an even higher and more insane Sikh immigration intake.

The leader of the Komagata Maru voyage and its passengers received a fitting punishment for trying to barge their way into Canada. The Komagata Maru was a Sikh immigration battering ram. The Sikhs and others are still barging today at Canada’s door. If Canada is to survive, the Spirit of 1914 has to be revived, not suppressed by erecting a foolish and poorly-informed memorial in Surrey.

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Dan Murray,
Spokesperson, Immigration Watch Canada,
Retired Vancouver Teacher