Below is a list of so-called Canadians and the treacherous , immoral deeds they have performed :

(1) 300+ MP’s : All of them should be aware that Canada has at least one to two million people unemployed, yet Canada is currently taking large numbers of immigrants from countries where, to make matters worse, COVID is rampant. Not a single one of these MP’s has spoken up against Trudeau, his Cabinet or his incompetent ignoramus Immigration Minister. Marco Mendicino. Isn’t it time to change the abbreviation MP to DB (DEAD BEAT), throw the lot of them out of the House of Commons and save millions on salaries and future pensions?

(2) Premiers and Provincial Immigration Ministers : These people are bringing in thousands of immigrants under the Provincial Nominee Program, supposedly to fill job vacancies. The very existence of that program has always been questionable. With one to two million now unemployed, it is even more questionable. It should be thoroughly scrutinized and almost certainly terminated. So should the fraudulent employees who have compiled the fake job lists and the nominees who comprise the fake entrants.

(3) Canada’s Immigration Industry : This collection of hacks lives off the misery it creates for Canada’s majority population. These hacks have campaigned for the destruction of Canada and have presided over the importation of millions of immigrants that Canada never needed. Between one and two million people are now suffering even more than in normal times, yet these immigration lawyers, immigration consultants, immigration advisers and immigration adviser organizations continue to have the ear and financing of government. They call themselves STAKEHOLDERS. In reality, they are social parasites and should have all government assistance to them terminated immediately. Their books should be seized and thoroughly audited. They should be jailed or deported for all their illegal activity.

(4) Our CBC : Over the past four years, it has brazenly demonstrated its bias. In the past few months in particular, it has gone berserk. Years ago, the CBC should have adopted the name CANADIAN “BEND-OVER” CORPORATION. It is a collection of sodomites. Its radio and television broadcasts are virtual sodomy on air and screen— gleefully performed with visible minorities. In fact, the CBC demands that Canada bend over, that is, submit itself to be sodomized by entrenched or recently-arrived ethnic groups. The latter want to demonize and destroy Canada. In spite of Canada’s world-wide reputation as a socially and economically extremely well-developed country, CBC reporters bend over for quisling minorities in order to allow these quislings to broadcast their  venom against Canada. Even the Liberals at the UN recognize that every country’s population has a right to defend itself from invasion, but the CBC is such a quisling organization from top to bottom that it it portrays those who defend Canada in as many negative ways as possible.  In addition, according to CBC perverts, Canada is systemically racist. The truth is that, if there is any organization in Canada that has repeatedly demonstrated that it is racist, it is the CBC.  It is an Anti-White institution. In fact, a hiring requirement for all CBC employees seems to be that each employee demonstrate that he or she despises Canada and its majority White population. In addition, as perverted as the following statement sounds, White CBC employees have to prove that they hate themselves.They can do this by performing masochist acts every day in front of Visible Minorities.

Conclusion : It is no exaggeration to say that The CBC has reached the end of its despicable reign. All of its employees should be marched to the nearest exits in CBC buildings and physically thrown out the doors. The only exception should be for those who fear the end of their jobs and want to jump off the roof. Most of Canada will gleefully accommodate their decision and cheer the demise of these quislings. The sound of CBC employee cries of despair as they leave CBC buildings across the country will be music to the ears of Canada’s unemployed and all those Canadians who have been forced to listen or watch the CBC’s tortuous effluent for decades. By the CBC’s deeds, Canada knows them. What poetic justice the CBC’s end will be !!