“No Whites Should Apply For This Job”: Preferential Hiring Has To Be banned

This bulletin is  a reprint of a bulletin Immigration Watch published in 2018 titled  “Judging Canada’s Retired Supreme Court Judge, Rosalie Abella” :

“In the past month (May, 2018), PM Trudeau announced yet another government apology, this time to Canada’s Jews. According to Trudeau, Canada had sinned greatly in 1939 by denying entry to Canada  about 250 Jews fleeing Europe aboard the ship called The St. Louis. According to historians, those Jews were forced to return to Europe and eventually suffered through WW2’s Holocaust.

Before issuing any apology to all of Canada’s Jews,  Trudeau should do some important research on  one Jew in particular :  Rosalie Abella.  She served on Canada’s Supreme Court. Her parents had  survived the European Holocaust and migrated to Canada after World War 2. In the mid-1980’s,  after conducting a campaign of arrogant and very sloppy research on Hiring in Canada, she developed   a preferential hiring policy called “Employment Equity” which was intended to benefit coloured people and other minorities. It was a copy of  the  U.S. Affirmative Action policy.  It was later  legislated and is now a national policy in Canada.

In a few words, Abella escaped the European Holocaust, but ironically created her own Holocaust in Canada.  In fact, unbelievable as this sounds,  bureaucrats later wrote,   the phrase “No Whites Should Apply”  into Canadian government job ads!

How much damage did her work do?   Enormous!! She probably succeeded in denying  jobs to millions of White Canadians.  In fact, the number of White Canadian  lives she destroyed may well  be greater than  the traditionally- cited  6 million Jewish lives destroyed  by Hitler !!

If Canadians are to hear another apology, it should obviously be extracted from now-retired Judge Abella and the herd of “Diversity-hiring” hacks she unleashed on  Canada’s public and private sectors. If Trudeau is remotely interested in performing his duty to Canadian-born, he should be demanding an apology from Abella and her herd of boot-lickers.

Let us repeat : In a few words, Abella escaped the European Holocaust, but she created her own Holocaust in Canada.

Lets  not stop there. After demanding an apology from Abella , Trudeau, should terminate Abella’s entire “Employment Equity” program. In addition, Trudeau should start  a number of Canadian-style Nuremberg Trials to deal with Abella and all those who have carried out her unjustified, idiotic  and destructive recommendations.


For  details of Abella’s  crime, see Dr. Martin Loney’s book, “The Pursuit of Division : Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring”  Dr. Loney documents in great detail the origins and results of Rosalie Abella’s disgraceful and sloppy work.

Dan Murray,
Immigration Watch Canada