Ottawa Gets Cracking On Marriage Fraud

Ottawa Gets Cracking On Marriage Fraud By R. Paul Dhillon The Link October 2, 2010 Among the measures being considered by the federal immigration department is a conditional visa where the sponsored spouse has to pass a probationary period to … Continue reading

Canadian Defence Chief Pulls Imam’s Speech

Canadian defense chief pulls imam's speech (AFP) October 2, 2010 OTTAWA—-Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay has canceled a planned speech by the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress over charges the group holds extremist views, prompting an angry response. The … Continue reading

Illegal Immigrants Deported By Plane Hits A High

llegal immigrants deported by plane hits a high By Dennis Wagner The Arizona Republic, October 1, 2010 A record 23,384 illegal Mexican immigrants voluntarily accepted flights back to their homeland from Arizona this summer under a repatriation program created … Continue reading

No Opt-Out For Immigration Enforcement

No opt-out for immigration enforcement By Shankar Vedantam The Washington Post, October 1, 2010 The Obama administration is making it virtually impossible for Arlington County, the District and other jurisdictions to refuse to participate in a controversial immigration enforcement … Continue reading

Send Migrants Back : Lobby Group

Send migrants back: lobby group 'They are queue-jumpers,' ex-diplomat says By Norma Greenaway Postmedia News September 29, 2010 People who pay smugglers to get them to Canada are not innocent victims, and the federal government should be more aggressive about … Continue reading

Canada Immigration Policy Critics Call For Overhaul

Canada immigration policy critics call for overhaul By John McCrank Reuters Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:13pm E OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada must overhaul its immigration and refugee system or risk overwhelming social services and driving up unemployment, a new lobby … Continue reading

Seeking Immigration Review, New Centre Focuses On ‘Moral Contracts’

Seeking immigration review, new centre focuses on 'moral contracts' John Ibbitson Ottawa From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Published Monday, Sep. 27, 2010 10:25PM EDT Last updated Tuesday, Sep. 28, 2010 7:48AM EDT 172 comments Political correctness is stifling debate over … Continue reading

Colbert Sparks Debate About ‘Expert’ Celebrities

Colbert sparks debate about 'expert' celebrities By Laurie Kellman The Associated Press, September 28, 2010 There are congressional hearings and there are comedy shows, and the twain rarely meet. So when a House panel on immigration combined them on … Continue reading

Lawmakers Face Immigration Issue

Lawmakers face immigration issue By Sheil Byrd The Associated Press, September 28, 2010 Hearings set for this week at the state Capitol on immigration-enforcement proposals could be a preview of how contentious the topic will be next session. Several … Continue reading

2006: Migrants’ Remittances: The Good And The Bad

Columnists Posted on Thu, Sep. 28, 2006email thisprint this THE OPPENHEIMER REPORT Migrants' remittances: the good and the bad Andres Oppenheimer When mayors of about a dozen Latin American and Caribbean cities met in Miami this week to exchange … Continue reading

New Lobby Group Aims To Stir Serious Debate On Immigration Levels

New lobby group aims to stir serious debate on immigration levels By Norma Greenaway Postmedia News September 27, 2010 OTTAWA—-The federal government should consider cutting the number of immigrants accepted in Canada and avert the kind of anti-immigrant sentiment wave … Continue reading

32 Illegal Immigrants Arrested In Federal Roundup

32 illegal immigrants arrested in federal roundup By Andria Simmons The Atlanta Journal Constitution, September 27, 2010 Federal authorities have arrested 32 illegal immigrants in Georgia who had committed crimes or had absconded after a judge ordered them to … Continue reading

Former Ambassador Lends Support To New Anti-Immigration Group

Former ambassador lends support to new anti-immigration group By Peter ONeil Postmedia News Europe Correspondent September 26, 2010 7:01 PM A pillar of the Canadian establishment, brushing aside the risk he could become embroiled in one of the countrys most … Continue reading

Promise Of New Life In Canada Not Coming To Pass For Many Afghan Interpreters

Promises of new life in Canada not coming to pass for many Afghan interpreters By: Dene Moore, The Canadian Press The Winnipeg Free Press Posted: 26/09/2010 3:32 AM KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Canadian soldiers had just arrived in Kandahar province in … Continue reading

Three Attorneys Sentenced To Prison In Asylum Scheme

Three attorneys sentenced to prison in asylum scheme By Denny Walsh The Sacramento Bee, September 26, 2010 In a grueling seven-hour hearing Friday in Sacramento federal court, three attorneys were sentenced to prison for engineering a scheme that gained … Continue reading

Scrutiny On Detainee Centre Security

Scrutiny on detainee centre security Yuko Narushima and Aaron Cook The Age September 25, 2010 TROUBLED detainees were able to climb a roof where a man took his life at Villawood by leaving through an open window and a hole … Continue reading

Obama’s Incremental Approach To Immigration Overhaul Falls Short Of Expectations

Obama's Incremental Approach to Immigration Overhaul Falls Short of Expectations FOXNews, September 25, 2010 With comprehensive immigration overhaul off the table, President Obama and his Democratic allies have tried smaller proposals to provide illegal immigrants a path toward citizenship … Continue reading

East Timor Baulks At Refugee Plan

East Timor baulks at refugee plan Bernard Lagan The Age September 25, 2010 EAST Timor has declared it does not want to become a mere transit point for boat people picked up in Australian waters. At a meeting of foreign … Continue reading

Can Canada Avoid European-Style Immigration Backlash?

Can Canada avoid European-style immigration backlash? By Peter O'Neil, Postmedia News Europe Correspondent, Postmedia News September 24, 2010 PARIS—A wave of hostility toward immigrants across Europe has shaken the foundations of the continent's political system, raising questions among some analysts … Continue reading

Report : More People Entering Canada Than U.S.

Report: More people illegally entering Canada than U.S. ISABELLE DILLS – THE BELLINGHAM HERALD POSTED: Friday, Sep. 24, 2010 More people are sneaking into Canada from the U.S. than the other way around, according to a border threat assessment report. … Continue reading