Pete McMartin Looks For Love In All The Wrong Places

Pete McMartin Looks For Love In All The Wrong Places

An April 24, 2012 column by Pete McMartin in The Vancouver Sun is a symptom of how much our media has allied itself with the immigration industry. It also shows that, on the one hand, our media treats ethnic groups with gross sycophancy yet, on the other, it treats, with great hostility, those who try to defend Canada from mass immigration.

The column was titled “Real Estate and Race : The New World Hits Home”. In it, columnist McMartin deals with one question : Why have Metro Vancouver residents recently expressed such hostility towards wealthy Mainland Chinese who have allegedly caused Metro Vancouver housing prices to soar even further into the stratosphere?

Like many of Canada’s politically correct, McMartin thinks that the best way to deal with a virtual invasion of his country is to wave a white flag and side with the invaders.  He convinces himself that this makes him morally superior and gives him permission to heap scorn on Metro Vancouver residents who try to defend themselves and their country. Sometimes the scorn comes directly from McMartin. At other times, it comes from UBC History professor Henry Yu whom McMartin interviewed and in front of whom McMartin virtually falls on his knees.

McMartin should know by now that it is unwise to rely on Henry Yu for views on this topic.

A few years ago, Yu was a feature speaker at a UBC  Forum devoted to early Chinese immigration. He began his talk by earnestly proclaiming to a largely young Asian student audience : “We (the Chinese) were here (in Canada) first.” This would have come as a surprise to most Canadians who had learned that  French explorers like Jacques Cartier, not Jacques Chow, and French settlers like Samuel de Champlain, not Sam Wong, were some of the first non-aboriginals to travel here.

If readers should think there is nothing wrong with Yu’s statement, Ricardo Duchesne, a UNB Professor of Sociology who has recently published a book on the uniqueness of western civilization, says they should read the following article which Yu wrote. ( According to Duchesne, Yu claims in the article that the  English language “stunts diversity”. Yu calls it a  “colonial” language, and demands that Asian languages, long “silenced”  by “white supremacists”, be given the same official status.  Yu  equates the dominance of English, and the presence of a high number of  whites in leadership positions, with “apartheid”. Yu says : “Here in Vancouver, our major universities have a majority of  non-white students, but we retain an overwhelmingly white leadership, and yet no one even notices that this might be the legacy of a long history of apartheid and white supremacy”.

Yu talks to McMartin of “the mythology that whites built Vancouver”. Yu implies that this is false and that the Chinese were a major factor in the building of Vancouver. This too will come as a surprise to most long-term Vancouverites who, up until 20 years ago, can remember that only a tiny fraction of Metro Vancouver’s population was Chinese. Since 1990, senseless mass immigration, and mass fraud in the refugee system, not any need for Chinese or most other recent immigrants, has caused the major change in Metro Vancouver’s ethnic make-up. Furthermore, most Canadians would say that a thorough round-up and deportation of the tens of thousands of cheaters would restore some sanity to that make-up.

Yu’s nonsense does not end there. Professor Duchesne says that Yu actually taunts whites as to who is the “minority” now in  Vancouver. Yu writes, “our city will soon be over 50% ‘visible majority’,  with the vast majority of these ‘non-whites’ of Asian heritage.

Anyone who has heard other comments from Yu realizes that Yu advocates not just for “some” Mainland Chinese immigration—something which most Canadians probably would not object to. But Yu would never be satisfied with “some”.  He wants to see the Chinese become the major ethnic group in Metro Vancouver. And Canadians would be justified in concluding that  he wants the same thing to happen all over Canada. In obsequious fashion, The Vancouver Sun allowed him to brazenly proclaim much of this in an Op Ed.  (See )

So if McMartin should not have relied on Yu, who should he have talked to? For starters, he could have gone to the B.C. Real Estate Association’s Chief Economist, Cameron Muir. Just this week, Muir stated that  immigration was the main reason for Metro Vancouver’s high house prices. In addition, if McMartin had spoken to a sample of real estate agents, he would have learned from them that most of the current buyers are Mainland Chinese.

If he had done further minimal research on the immigration issue, he would have learned that Canada’s immigration intake is the highest per capita in the world : an average of 250,000 per year every year  since mass immigration began in 1990. McMartin has to be aware that Vancouver’s housing prices are among the world’s highest. But he must never have added 2 + 2 and figured out that the 40,000 to 50,000 immigrants who have been arriving in Metro Vancouver every year for the past 20 years have created a relentless demand for housing and have pushed prices up.

Let’s put more perspective on this. These post-1990 arrivals now total around a million. Most of the million are from China, India and the Philippines. And if Ottawa and the immigration industry are not stopped, another million, mostly from these countries, will arrive in the next 20 years. When any country sees a sudden arrival of non-citizens in such numbers that they begin to out-number the local population, the citizens have good reason to express alarm. But defending one’s country seems like a completely foreign concept to McMartin. “How dare Canada!!! “, he implies.

And let’s add a final bit of perspective. Most people don’t know that it took well over a hundred years (roughly up to 1990)  for Metro Vancouver to acquire just over a million people, the majority of whom had European origins.

In other words, the recent population explosion has been noticeable and dramatic. As would happen in most countries, the majority local population has expressed significant concern and even outrage over the effects of this flood, particularly on house prices. With much justification, they have concluded that this appears to be state-sponsored invasion and colonization.

So does McMartin do the logical thing? Absolutely not. For him, fawning to Yu and to the immigration industry and heaping scorn on locals comes first.

McMartin gives Yu a soapbox. Yu says that the “white” world is slipping away as a result of globalization and immigration. The change is “irrevocable”. According to Yu, blaming the Chinese is “a century and a half tradition in B.C.”

And McMartin cheerleads Yu :  He blames Metro Vancouverites for what has occurred. “We (Metro Vancouverites) wanted to be a global, cosmopolitan destination.”  “So there,” he implies. “Lie down (like McMartin) and take it!!”

The simple questions most Metro Vancouverites would ask are these : (1) “Who are the ‘we’ in “We (Metro Vancouverites) ?” and  (2)  “When were Metro Vancouverites ever asked if we wanted mass immigration and this ‘globalization’.” McMartin is deluding himself if he thinks that “we” wanted this. The truth is none of us were ever asked.

The most important question he should have asked is this : “Why has Canada been taking an average of 250,000 immigrants per year for the past 20 years?

If McMartin had bothered to research the topic, he would have figured out that Ottawa has never provided any sensible reason for allowing mass immigration to happen.

So if McMartin wanted to conclude anything, it should have been that mass immigration and “The New World” he cheer-leads (with all of its disastrous consequences—-cultural, environmental and economic) are not inevitable. It is the result of Ottawa following a policy of mass deceit. It is also the result of others like him (who could have done something to stop it )  following a policy of mass grovelling and mass idiocy.

Here’s some advice for McMartin and others like him : In your search for love and approval from the Chinese and others, beware of siding with ethnic advocates. People like Henry Yu will smile at you, but the next time you are down on your knees licking their boots, take a good look up at them. They are laughing at you and have contempt for you. They feel the same way about the many others in our media and elsewhere (particularly those in elected office) who have done the same thing.

And so do most Canadians in Metro Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada.

The destiny of fawners and grovelers is to be doubly despised.


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