Hillary Against Trump: Globalism Versus Americanism

Hillary Against Trump: Globalism Versus Americanism

by Thomas Jones

Trump against the establishment
One man against the globalist, bellicist and immigrationist oligarchy

The US presidential election is coming up to its grand finale. The American media has been overwhelmingly in favour of Hillary Clinton and doing everything in its power to stop Trump. Here in Canada our media is heavily controlled by the left, or by tepid so-called conservative types who are really just liberals wearing a Tory mask. Our journalists do their level best to show to their American counterparts that they can be just as anti-Trump and as such, it is difficult to get any sort of nuanced view of the situation down south.

Sadly, Canadians are quite ignorant of the world. As such it is easy for so many to simply ingest and repeat verbatim whatever they see and hear from the news sources on both sides of the border. We are constantly told that a Trump presidency will be terrible, but in fact the opposite is true. A Trump presidency will have a far better impact on Canada than a Clinton one.

NAFTA, TPP and Hillary’s Globalist Donors

When it comes to the economic relationship, Trump has promised to end NAFTA because it hurts American jobs. In the past our Liberal party was against NAFTA because of its perceived negative impact on Canadians. That was also true of the NDP.  I can remember a time when only cuckservatives had any love for NAFTA.

If Trump ends NAFTA, this will have to lead to a restructuring and, yes, in the short term this could be problematic, but it will hardly be an end of days’ scenario. Given the traditional hatred for NAFTA from the left, one would think they would be more supportive of Trump. He is also against TPP which NDP supporters, at least, claim to be against. Though Trudeau has done nothing to stop the process of our joining it, I do know that many of his supporters are against it. Do they really want to see a pro-TPP president like Clinton? Sad to see so many more worried about ‘racism’ than the further erosion of our workforce, which will put yet more power into the hands of rootless plutocrats. Hillary, it was recently revealed, is a full-on open borders globalist who dreams of “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” that would include the entirety of the Americas. This won’t help anyone save the top 1%. Furthermore, I don’t think the health of our economy really matters much to liberals, libertarians, cuckservatives and other anti-Trumpists given they are huge supporters of immigration, which, as we know, is not a benefit.

And it should be noted that Hillary has many big money connections. No chief executives at any of the Fortune 100 companies have supported Trump, whilst Hillary has received support from at least eleven and has received twice as many donations as Obama in 2012. As of September 26th, Hillary had “collected $21.1 million for her campaign and its supporting political action committees from 17 U.S. donors on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Republican Donald Trump has received $1.02 million from 12 members of the group.” With George Soros being the single largest donor, she is also quite friendly with Wall Street, the Bush family and many neoconservatives such as Robert Kagan. It should be noted also that Goldman Sachs has banned its employees from donating to Trump, but not Clinton.

For all her claims to the contrary, Clinton is in fact a continuation of the last few presidents, men who have put the interests of everyone but their nation first. She is far and away more duplicitous than Trump who has stuck to his guns despite fierce and unceasing condemnation.

The War in the Middle-East and Relations with Russia

Arguably the worst aspect of a Hillary win will be the continued degradation of US-Russian relations and yet more warfare in the Middle-East. The Democrats have been constantly pushing this narrative that Russia is an evil rogue state. Things couldn’t be further from the truth, but the media has run with this narrative. As we know from the DNC leaks, the Democrats have played quite a role in telling the media what to say so no surprises there. The Democrats and their neoconservative allies hate Russia because it stands in their way of total hegemony. They also hate how it is friendly with nations that aren’t Israeli allies; and of course many of Hillary’s friends and allies were taking part in the looting of Russia when the alcoholic Yeltsin and the Russian oligarchs were in command and hate how Putin has kicked them out.

Hillary is a warhawk who has supported every neoconservative war. Hillary’s plans for the Middle-East are to continue to prop up radical Islamist groups which will not help the US keep its fast dwindling influence in the region. They are desperate to counter Iran and Russia, but not only are they failing, but it is really not worth it. US and NATO are backing rebels who we do not truly know anything about. Some are openly Islamist. Endless wars and of course mass ‘refugee’ crises are the only results for the US and the West in general being involved in the region. Trump is of course pro-Israel, but not to the extent of Hillary and her neoconservative backers who care more about Israeli interests than American or other Occidental countries’ interests. And of course Israel has a longstanding conflict with Syria over control of the Golan Heights, which Israel covets.

Hillary is the candidate of endless war

Unlike Trump, who favours improving relations with Russia and disentangling from unnecessary foreign ventures, Hillary is the candidate of endless war. Clinton was a huge promoter of the destruction of Libya and the current war in Yemen which is rarely talked about. Of course we hear all the time about how terrible it is that Assad is bombing civilians, but never about how the Saudis and Americans are bombing civilians in Yemen; in fact, many have called their actions war crimes. While the media constantly condemns the Syrian government for its actions, it is always looking to make excuses for the actions of the Saudis in Yemen.

Clinton Foundation Foreign Donors

The Saudis are of course huge funders of Clinton; so too are the other Gulf States. These countries are, as recent Wikileaks have proven, also huge sponsors of ISIS. And on the topic of ISIS, they have been making gains in Syria thanks to US meddling in that country. The US brokered a cease fire last month with Russia, but then it treacherously bombed government positions in the city of Deir ez-Zor giving ISIS a strategic edge in the eastern region! Assad propaganda about US supporting ISIS actually has basis in reality now. A Hillary presidency means only more direct conflict with Assad, more Islamist (including ISIS) gains and a further ratcheting up of tensions with Russia.

The anti-war left died with Obama, who has greatly increased foreign military activity. Support for WikiLeaks by many on the left is down the tubes now that they’ve been so willing to release unpleasant info about Hillary: her continued support for KSA and Gulf States despite their support of ISIS, her desperate desire for war with Assad, how Democrats manipulate media, etc. etc. Many are just refusing to believe WikiLeaks, and many journalists are simply blaming Russia for everything with absolutely no evidence to back them up.

And they really do hate Russia. Here is CNN’s Sally Kohn saying its terrible to have peaceful relations with Russia! Journalists have proven Trump very much correct that they are indeed tools of the Democrats. Most Hillary supporters don’t care at this point. Things are so divisive right now that the truth doesn’t matter to them — and this is sadly true of Canadians. Too many are just following the corporate media line and fail to realise what all this sabre rattling could mean.

Fact is we don’t know where Assange and others are getting leaked information from, but it is just as likely (if not more likely) that it comes from disgruntled employees of the Democratic party than from Russia. In the end, whoever released the information doesn’t matter. What matters is that this is the truth, unlike what crazed internationalist shills like Kohn or Kurt Eichenwald or Joy Ann Reid (to name but a few) are spewing forth. Indeed, I have not seen anyone try and deny what has been revealed. Instead it is just russophobic statements and claims that Trump’s vulgar language makes him worse than an actual rapist like Bill Clinton. Not that Democrats and neocons actually care about sexual misconduct; they clearly haven’t care when their own members have engaged in such activities.

The media is using every dirty trick in the book to get you to hate Assad and hate Russia and thus be accepting of Clinton’s saber rattling. As Lawrence Murray notes, it is telling how blonde White looking children are used as props. Whites are not allowed to have any sense of identity or awareness unless it is to further insane globalist agendas. In a similar vein, by trying to shift focus from the content of WikiLeaks to theories about Russian involvement, the media attempts to instill patriotism. The US is using WikiLeaks as an excuse to further escalate tensions with Russia by launching cyber attacks against Russia. Again, we see how when it comes to furthering internationalism, patriotism from a largely White nation is acceptable.

Russian-American friendship
Trump wants to improve strained relations with Russia

Many elderly dislike Russia because they lived through the Cold War while younger people dislike it because thanks to leftist domination of the media and education systems (primary schools, universities, etc.) they have insured a great many young people believe as they do. And the left is all about oversexualisation, hyper-individualism and dismantling White Christian societies. Russia has not been complying: it has pushed back on pornography, has not accepted the LGBTQ agenda, is nominally Christian and is mainly inhabited by Whites. Its treatment of gays and trannies is far better than most countries (including supposed Western ally Saudi Arabia) but hey it is White and Christian and in the end that is what the left hates the most. Thanks to their control of the media, Russia also recently passed a law that makes it harder for rootless, Western organizations to influence Russian society and governance. Thanks to the efforts of the Bush and Obama administrations — the latter of which Hillary played a key part in — relations with Russia are at their worst in decades.

That said, evidently not all members of the left are completely insane. Recently the leader of the Green party, Jill Stein, stated that Hillary is far more dangerous than Trump because of her attitude towards Russia.

Hillary’s continued support for regime change in the Middle-East does mean the continued advance of Islamist forces in the region and yet further escalation of the refugee crisis. It also seems quite clear that Hillary and her supporters have absolutely no intentions of reaching out to Putin. We will be firmly placed on the path to a new (and completely unnecessary) Cold War. Though I doubt WWIII would break out, one would be forgiven for thinking Hillary will start WWIII given the rhetoric coming from her and her supporters. We shouldn’t want a Clinton government if we desire peace and rapprochement.

Evidently Trudeau is in favour of normalizing relations with Russia, so a Hillary win would actually be a detriment to his foreign policy. Oddly UBC professor Michael Byers thinks Hillary would be receptive to Canada on the Arctic front, but not Trump. Quite frankly I don’t think either one will do much good for our sovereignty, but I really can’t see Hillary being better given her anti-Russian stances and the fact that she would just be a continuation of Obama and Bush administrations.

Globalism, Mass Immigration and the Left-Right Divide

Hillary Clinton at the National Council of La Raza
Hillary is more than willing to promote the interests of any group save the founding, European stock. Here she is supporting La Raza, mestizo nationalists.

Trump calls for normalizing relations with Russia and for backing out of further Middle-East entanglements. He wants to do what US presidents have not done in many decades and actually put the interests of his country first. And this is not only when it comes to ending unnecessary globalist economic projects or fighting other peoples’ wars but also when it comes to immigration. Trump has been very clear he wants to combat illegal immigration and halt the incoming of Muslims. It is absurd that we live in an age where White countries are not allowed to keep out groups which have proven they are not able or willing to assimilate. It is even more absurd that we have reached a point where being against illegal immigration is seen as immoral! But of course non-Whites are a crucial base for the left so its no wonder they push the pro-migration angle; they need more voters to ensure their domination of the political sphere. Those pesky Whites have refused to play along!

A Hillary win will mean complete triumphalism from our liberal elites

If Hillary wins I foresee an even greater drive towards insanity. A Hillary win will instead see complete triumphalism from our liberal elites on both sides of the 49th. Trump needs to win in order to ensure there can be a return to sanity in US immigration policies.

Such an occurrence would mean the beginning of a similar volte face in Canadian politics. A Trump win wouldn’t result in immediate changes happening overnight, and indeed we may see a knee-jerk reaction against such policies initially, but in the long run we could see the return of the true right to Canada. A right-wing which doesn’t needlessly bow to every liberal whim, a right which actually stands up for European Canadians and their heritage; a return of immigration restrictionism to the political mainstream, a rolling back of political correctness and other anti-White measures currently in force. The US is the most powerful country in the world, our neighbour and closest ally. We are greatly impacted by whatever political changes occur in D.C.

Many conservatives in the United States are against Trump because he is not the epitome of moral virtue, but neither is Hillary. Unlike Trump, she has made it one of her life’s missions to shove cultural Marxism down the throats of everyone. To the Catholics out there, I direct your attention to recently leaked Podesta emails in which we hear talk of the need for a “Catholic spring;” essentially further inserting progressive ideology into the faith. And quite frankly no social issues matter if we are reduced to a powerless and divided minority. The biggest issues revolve around immigration and diversity and a Trump loss will only embolden those who seek to do away with sovereignty and finally crush what remains of our European identity.

And to any nationalists who agree something needs to be done to protect the interests of Europeans, but still dislike Trump because they feel he is too soft: remember that he has been the only one pushing for simple things that 20 years ago were seen as common sense like kicking out illegals and putting your country’s interests first.

We have before us the possibility of rolling back the globalist machine. Trump has shifted the overton window rightwards and allows for it to shift right even further. He has started something here and there is no going back.

Planet Trump
Planet Trump rising