Why Our CBC (Canada’s Boot-licking Central) And Our Other Media Have Been So Shocked by Trump’s Victory

Why Our CBC (Canada’s Boot-licking Central) And Our Other Media Have Been So Shocked by Trump’s Victory

MEDIA ARROGANCE : Our CBC and other media are not journalists. Journalists are supposed to be presenters of events. Instead, the CBC and other media are arrogant and smug ideologues who regard themselves as near Gods of Society. Those who disagree with them are blasphemers and relegated to the Lowest Circles of Hell.  The CBC and other media are  completely committed to filtering all events so that only views that agree with their ideology  get broadcast.  To the CBC and other media, Trump’s views (that illegal immigration from Mexico has to end, that Muslim ideologues should be prevented from entering the U.S., or that immigration has to serve the well-being of the people of the U.S.) have to be  stopped. To achieve this result, the CBC distorts these views and  edits them so that they appear contemptible. The CBC ‘s and other media’s attitude is : “How dare that Trump challenge media doctrine !! How dare he give priority to the citizens of the U.S. !! Doesn’t he know that immigration exists to create Diversity !! ”

QUESTION : Is it any wonder that CBC and other media ideologues, who refuse to give any respect to views contrary to their own treachery, completely mis-interpreted what was going on in the U.S. election campaign?

MEDIA DELUSIONS : The CBC and other  media see themselves as spokespeople for the majority. To them, Trump and his supporters were the Fringe Minority. However, the U.K.’s Brexit vote and the U.S. election have shown that the CBC and other media are the true Fringe Minority. The delusion does not end there. Every year, the Fringe Minority CBC feels it is entitled to put out its hand to receive close to $1 Billion from the Canadian public.  Then, it promptly drives its clenched other hand into the face of all Canadians. The result is an endless chain of interviews with a minority of Canada’s population : ethnic groups who want to increase their numbers ; immigration lawyers and immigration consultants who want to increase their profits. These interviews and articles are virtual boot-licking sessions that are intended to inspire more Fringe Minority attacks on Canada’s majority population. The other media are just as delusional and treacherous.

QUESTION : Is it any wonder that the CBC and other media which relentlessly tell Canadians to surrender Canada was shocked by the victory of someone like Trump who says that the U.S. should treasure its country and protect its citizens?

MEDIA LACK OF COMMON SENSE : The CBC and other media hacks don’t possess basic common sense. Such models of intellect often tell us that migrants are looking for a “better life”. They imply that all Western countries have to satisfy that demand. They insult Canadians by broadcasting views such as Canada is too “White” and suffers from “White Privilege”. This is like Canadians going to China and the Punjab respectively and saying that there are too many Chinks and Ragheads there and that Chinks and Ragheads hold too many of the jobs there. The CBC and other media never ask the logical subsequent question : “Does a better life for migrants (particularly large numbers of migrants) mean a worse life for migrant-receiving countries?” The answer is that it obviously does.

QUESTION : Is it any wonder that our media quislings should be shocked that people should actually try to defend and protect their own citizens from home-grown and foreign predators?

For years, Canada, the U.S. and many other Western countries have suffered from state-sponsored migrant invasions. The natural response of any public is to defend itself and its country. The response of the CBC and other media is to get down on their knees in order to lick the boots of the migrant invaders and to intimidate others to do the same.

The CBC and other media have damned themselves. They are arrogant, delusional and lacking in common sense. They have betrayed Canada and should be treated summarily. CBC employees should be thrown out of the publicly-owned buildings they occupy into the publicly-owned streets. They and the treacherous other media  should then be shipped off to the hell-holes they seem to love. The sooner the better.