CBC’s Fundraisers for Food Banks: One Good Deed Does Not Erase A Daily Diet Of Lies

CBC’s Fundraisers for Food Banks: One Good Deed Does Not Erase A Daily Diet Of Lies

Tim Murray

Don’t get me wrong. Helping food banks across Canada is a good thing. But raising millions of dollars worth of donations on their behalf does not expiate the sins of the CBC, any more than Al Capone did when he gave generously to the Catholic Church in his Chicago diocese, or a drug cartel would do by funding an addiction treatment centre.  And what were those sins, you ask? Let us count the ways.

(1)  The CBC is primarily guilty of the sin of omission, a major flaw in an organization that purports to provide the news. It tells what Mark Twain called “The Silent Lie”, that is, it fails to reveal that the federal government’s policy of mass immigration has played a pivotal role in propelling Metro Vancouver’s house prices toward the stratosphere, well beyond the reach of even the most well-paid professionals. This failure cannot be adequately defined as negligent. It is disgraceful. Treasonous in fact.  After all, the job of a public broadcaster funded by the people should be to serve the people, not blind them.

(2)  The  CBC, in its determination not to blow the whistle on mass immigration, has in effect  become a junior partner to the real estate industry. Already notorious as the propaganda arm of the immigration lobby, the CBC perpetuates the real estate line that the root of Vancouver’s housing crisis is LACK OF HOUSING SUPPLY. In fact, the root cause is RELENTLESS IMMIGRATION DEMAND.  The DEMAND serves no purpose other than to line the pockets of developers and real estate speculators and weaken the bargaining leverage of Canadian-born workers who must compete in a flooded labour market.

(3) The CBC has provided a podium for ethnic lobbyists and grievance-mongers whose apparent mission is to denigrate or ignore the achievements of Canada’s two European-founding cultures. Listeners to the CBC would get the impression that Canadians of European origin never did anything of positive value to Canada. Listeners are subjected to what seems to be a steady diet of how discriminatory our ancestors were, and how discriminatory their descendants continue to be. Of course, in the CBC’s world, racism and discrimination are a one-way street. However, many of us are left with one persistent question :  If  Canadians of European origin made such a mess of Canada, why have so many non-Europeans sought to make their home here? It’s a question CBC never asks—or answers. In light of the flagrant  indignities which a kneeling CBC performs each day on ethnic organizations, it is a wonder that stronger laws against public obscenity have not been implemented. After all, there are children watching and listening to CBC’s obscene broadcasts.

(4)  The CBC, while keen to highlight the needs of immigrants for language training and job preparation skills, is indifferent to the needs of Canadian workers whose jobs are displaced and wages suppressed by cheap imported labour.  Canadians are being squeezed at both ends. Thanks to mass unnecessary immigration, they can’t find affordable housing. And thanks to mass immigration, they can’t earn enough income to make a down payment. However, immigrants have two advocates, each of them the recipients of $1 billion of federal tax money: the immigrant services bureaucracies and the CBC.  Two parasites deserving of the axe and of a Messiah to cleanse Canada’s Temple of those who defile it.

(5)  The CBC’s programming at times is like a long commercial extolling the benefits of cultural “diversity” and  various “heritage” days for ethnic and religious minorities. But the CBC is mute about the ongoing destruction of priceless heritage houses in the city. These are houses that most Canadians would love to live in, but having been priced out of the housing market, have instead had to endure the heartbreaking spectacle of mostly Sikh contractors demolishing them without sentiment or ceremony. In their stead, unsightly mega-homes that afford little space for trees, shrubs or gardens are constructed for mostly wealthy Chinese. In other words, a Chinese monoculture is displacing any trace of the heritage that Canadians built. As Joni Mitchell said, they pave paradise to put up a parking lot. Or shall we say, they obliterate paradise and call it multiculturalism.

In summary, one could say that the CBC is more like a Madison Avenue advertising agency than a news outlet.  Instead of reporting facts that might have persuaded groveling politicians to change course—or arming voters with the ammunition to bring politicians to heel—it has more or less acted as a spin doctor for the coalition of immigration lobbyists, ethno-cultural groups and self-serving realtors.  In so doing, the CBC has betrayed the interests of the very people who pay CBC salaries :  Ordinary working Canadians.

Here’s some advice for the CBC. Instead of helping food banks, try presenting the truth which would make food banks unnecessary. Try doing your damn job. The one we pay you to do.